Consistently Ranked as One of the Most Gorgeous California Wedding Venues

You deserve a stress-free wedding with inclusions & benefits in wine country.

We understand that it’s important to you that beautiful natural surroundings are a part of your wedding day – 40 beautifully landscaped acres surrounded by ancient Oak trees and Redwoods, manicured lawns, and a pond in a natural setting, all framed by majestic rolling hills.

You’re free to choose which of our outdoor and indoor ceremony and reception options appeal to you. John and Lane strive to maintain their property as you would like, making it one of the most elegant and rustic wedding venues in Northern California.

– what you’ll love:

multiple ceremony + reception  sites
gorgeous bridal suite + ready rooms
BYOB + spirits, food trucks allowed
chairs, tables + decor options
BYO vendors (even catering)
no hidden fees. ever.

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A Romantic Destination Wedding

If you are looking for a more relaxed, charming venue than others in Northern California, we would be the perfect choice for you. We offer a private estate surrounded by oak trees, vineyards, gardens, and rolling hills in the greater Bay Area. Wedding couples in San Francisco consistently choose Mountain House Estate because of our unmatched venue and attention to detail.


Multiple Locations

We are one of the only wedding venues in Northern California to provide a wide range of outdoor and indoor settings, as well as outdoor vineyards, Oak trees, vines, gardens, Redwoods, and water features. Our most popular ceremony site locations include our Oak Tree Terrace followed by our pond with fountain.


Getting Ready

Get ready in the elegant and chic Oasis, our beautiful bridal suite, with a dazzling chandelier and comfy seating. For your partner, we have The Hangout, a very special place designed to give you a unique experience that has a gaming console, giant flat-screen TV, and games.

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Our stunning rustic wedding venue in Cloverdale, California

We know it’s difficult for you to judge a venue from just seeing it online – especially when browsing dozens of wedding venues in Sonoma County and wedding venues all across Northern California. That’s why we are upfront about everything we offer, from our virtual tours so you can see the property for yourself, to our inclusions and amenities. We want your decision to be what’s best for you.

Whether you want a full destination wedding experience ranging from wine country to the coast, or a small elopement, we promise that we’re the best venue to deliver your wedding vision flawlessly.

With multiple ceremony sites and reception locations (no family members rushing to relocate chairs or any stress on your big day), our private Cloverdale, CA estate offers you rustic elegance and comfort.

From a wedding ceremony underneath a grove of Oak or Redwood trees to your cocktail hour on our gorgeous outdoor patio, our 40 acres have endless potential for design.

How can I make sure that I am planning my dream wedding?

The best way to ensure that your wedding matches your vision is to hire a SoCal or Norcal California wedding planner. Planning a wedding by yourself (or with family and friends) usually ends up stress, accidents, and things not going according to plan.

How can I make sure I find the right wedding venue in California?

Wedding venues can be a tricky and overwhelming process. If you’re looking for a venue in California, it’s important to remember that there are certain criteria you’ll want your wedding venue to meet in order to ensure your day goes smoothly.

What should I look out for when searching venues for weddings in California?

Here is a list of all the questions you need to ask a venue before taking a tour. When searching for venues, be sure to ask all of these questions, so you can choose the best venue for your needs.

1. How many guests will I be allowed to have at my wedding?

2. What time will you begin the ceremony?

3. What time will the ceremony be over?

4. How many hours of reception can we have?

5. Can I use my own caterer or do you provide one?

Just to name a few. Check out our article for a full list of questions!

The best way to make sure your wedding is amazing is to hire the right wedding venue.

We want your dream wedding to be a reality. But you’ve probably never had to search out a venue before getting engaged and that can be daunting. What questions do you ask, besides pricing and guest count, the obvious ones?


How do I narrow down CA wedding venue options?

We’re going to cover 10 questions you won’t find anywhere else, that can save you a ton of heartache and headache on your big day.

It’s not a glamorous or inspo wedding blog, but it’s a reality check.

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1. Is this a “secret” wedding venue?

Mountain House Estate’s Answer: No, we are not a secret California wedding site. We are an LLC and are licensed and insured.


Did you hear about this wedding site from a friend? Did this friend tell you that they don’t do many weddings? Did you find them through Airbnb, VRBO, but no website? Are their prices are really low?

If any of these are true, run away fast! Your wedding day and your guests could be canceled last minute, or worse.

Secret California wedding sites usually don’t meet safety requirements and haven’t been inspected.
Things we’ve witnessed and stories we’ve heard about secret spots include:


  •  A roof blew off during a ceremony
  • Rat droppings on the dinner plates at the rehearsal dinner
  • Allowing fireworks that caught the brides dress on fire during the reception
  • People were so drunk that there were fights and vomit everywhere
  • Near drowning with no one sober enough to help the victim during the reception
  • First responders unable to find the venue out in the country
  • Shuttle falling into the septic tank
  • Dozens of guests in the hospital with food poisoning
  • The shooting at an Airbnb wedding with no security

P.S. If you’re a wedding venue reading this and you’ve had a disaster (or worse) happen on your property, you really need to look into hiring a PR agency. They can help you mitigate the blowout in the news and reviews, and help you get your company name back in good standing.

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2. Does our caterer have to bring water?  

Mountain House Estate’s Answer: No, we have safe drinking water. Our water has been tested and is potable.

Some northern and southern California wedding venues have unsafe drinking water.


These Cali wedding sites could be a type of barn or farm, or they could have been used for another purpose. These places might have old wells that can’t provide clean water because of old seals.

15 indoor mountain house estate weddingi venues california

3. How many bathrooms does the site have?

Mountain House Estate’s Answer: We have a bathroom in the bride’s room for the bride tribe to use, we have another in the groom’s room for him and the guys to use, we have a separate one for staff and large, easy-to-find ones for the maximum capacity of our place.

You need to know: the rule of thumb is that you need one toilet for every 50 people. Don’t only count your wedding guests; make sure to include all staffing in that count. For a 150 person wedding, you want at least four toilets.

4. What does the venue do to control insects?

If their answer isn’t thorough, we hope you aren’t hosting your ceremony or reception outdoors! The best wedding venues work to control insects and pests.

Mountain House Estate’s Answer: We work day and night to control the insect population. Actually, here’s a breakdown of how we handle various types of insects:


Yellow Jackets

MHE uses a combination of methods – We set up traps that let us know if there’s some in the area. If one is detected, then a specialty insecticide is used to kill the nest.

Flies and Mosquitoes

First, we make sure the problem doesn’t arise by not having animals around the venue or sources of breeding water. Our pond is stocked with various species of fish that eat larvae. We employ natural methods including bats who will eat their weight in insects each night.

34 mountain house estate cloverdale ca Allison Kushal Chakrabarti wed 1.jpg 1

Fleas and Ticks

Within landscaped areas, we use a combination of methods to prevent them from establishing a colony. First, the wildlife areas are fenced away from the venue, and the venue is surrounded by large parking areas. For any lawn pests, a specialized insecticide is used.

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5. Does the wedding venue have a commercial septic system?

Mountain House Estate’s Answer: Yes we do! 

12 mountain house estate cloverdale ca Allison Kushal Chakrabarti wed 1.jpg 1

This can be an issue if you are having a DIY wedding in your grandpa’s backyard. His bathroom(s) were never designed to handle that many flushes in a day.

The best California wedding venues will be hooked up to city sewer or have their own septic system.

1 ceremonies rustic mountain house estate venues california

6. Will there be odors during my wedding?

Mountain House Estate’s Answer: No, there will not be, because we operate exclusively as a venue (not as a farm, ranch, or agriculture center).

3 mountain house estate cloverdale ca 95425 alyssa wedding

In the winter and early spring when most couples take a tour, everything is wet and odors don’t travel. But in other parts of the year, it can be an issue. There are Cali wedding spots located near odor-producing enterprises, where the source of the odors is totally out of sight.

So ask the question, drive around the area, and look for yourself.

37 grounds mountain house estate weddingi venues california, southern california

7. What is the weather like at the time of year I want to get married?

Make sure you understand the weather when checking places to get married in California.

Mountain House Estate’s Answer: Mountain House Estate is located in a mountain pass between the Alexander Valley in the Russian River Valley (RRV), and the Mendocino Coast. Our property is the highest location in the mountain pass, at 1,220′. Because of this, we experience a very unique microclimate.

267 gandt wedding mountain house estate 38000 CA 128 Cloverdale CA 95425

MHE is usually 10 degrees cooler than Cloverdale and will get an afternoon breeze from the Mendocino Coast. We do hot girl summer the right way.

Here’s some more info about our weather.

157 gandt wedding mountain house estate 38000 CA 128 Cloverdale CA 95425

Our weather is almost similar to that of Yorkville, CA 95494, located 10 miles to our west. However, our mailing address is Cloverdale, CA 95425 to our east.

Cloverdale is located on the upper RRV floor at 335′ in elevation. The Russian River continues down the Alexander Valley to Healdsburg, with an elevation of 105′ above sea level.

Know the microclimate.

187 Gurdeep Heeather Mountain House Estate cloverdale ca

Every area has its climate, but there are also microclimates. Wedding spots should show you the average high and low temperatures, and describe the particular microclimate they occupy. Is it in a valley or on a bare hill that gets brutally hot? Is it a place on the Sonoma or Mendocino coast where a cold fog can roll in and be bone-chilling cold? What is the average rainfall, and what’s the backup plan?

If your wedding venue is remote and rural in Northern California, meaning it’s a bit out of the way from the Bay Area and other major cities like Sacramento, people might not be thinking about the weather. Something smart you may consider is working with an influencer marketing agency to bring a Northern Californian influencer out to do a free wedding. Not only will it give your wedding venue tons of publicity, but it can also educate people about thinking about microclimates and certain weather patterns in Northern California when choosing a venue.

8. Are there any issues with neighbors and noise?

Mountain House Estate’s Answer: No, there is not, because we are distant from our neighbors and have great relationships with our neighbors.

The best places to get married in southern California and Northern California are free of disruptive neighbors.

There are two ways that this question should be answered when touring.

111 Gurdeep Heeather Mountain House Estate cloverdale ca

If your wedding makes a bunch of noise, are the neighbors going to call the authorities? Some California venues have ongoing feuds with neighbors, and you don’t want to get wrapped up in their issues.

Are the neighbors going to make noise during your ceremony?

78 Gurdeep Heeather Mountain House Estate cloverdale ca

Another place in Sonoma Wine County has neighbors whose teenage boys now have off-road motorcycles, and like to ride around on wedding days. Not only is it noisy, but it’s also dusty. The wedding venue is in an area with rolling hills and no neighbors within a mile radius. But the boy’s parents, not wanting to hear the noise, send the boys out to the track they’ve created within sight and sound of the place.

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9. Is the road to the site easily accessible for you and your guests?

Mountain House Estate’s Answer: Yes, we are located right along the highway at 38000 CA-128, Cloverdale, CA 95425.

6 Gurdeep Heeather Mountain House Estate cloverdale ca

This is an easy one. You need to see if the roads and parking lot at the place look safe. In California, these businesses must follow fire safety standards. Many of these requirements are in place to make sure that first responders can get into the place quickly in case of emergencies.

Can fire trucks and ambulances find the place?

24 mountain house estate cloverdale ca Allison Kushal Chakrabarti wed.jpg farm golf event

How much does the average wedding cost in Northern California?

The average wedding cost in Northern California is $30,00 – $36,000 and it really depends on where you get married in Northern California and the number of guests. Our venue is a moderate price; neither cheap nor the most expensive.

How much is the average wedding in California?

The average wedding in California costs $39,000 according to The venue is the most expensive wedding cost, followed by the catering and photography.

Northern California wedding venues vary wildly in cost due to location, inclusions, and local laws.

How much does it cost to get married at California wedding venues?

The cost to get married at California wedding venues ranges from $8,000 – $30,000. This is the cost of the wedding venue, not the entire wedding budget.

An individual’s wedding venue is one of the most important factors in their overall planning. A couple may be looking for a rustic and romantic wedding venue in the outdoors, while another may be seeking a more traditional wedding that they can share with their family and friends.

Is Mountain House Estate a good reception venue option if I live in San Francisco?

In short, yes! Mountain House Estate is chosen by many Bay Area wedding couples because of its close proximity to the Bay Area. You’re close enough to home, but far away enough to make it feel like a dream destination wedding. There’s an abundance of luxury activities and outdoor activities nearby to create an amazing weekend wedding experience.

Should I look at Airbnb wedding venues in California?

Airbnb is a popular accommodation site that offers homes for individuals to rent out while they are traveling. We don’t recommend hosting your wedding at an Airbnb because it can create an abundance of issues. You are at the mercy of the host, meaning they could cancel on you last minute. You can read our article about Airbnb wedding venues here.

What are some other types of California wedding venues?

There are many different wedding venues in California, and they can be found all across the state. Some of these venues for weddings in California include private residences, homes, hotels, and even parks. These places range from very affordable to very expensive, depending on the location and needs of the couple.

What is the best place to look for estate wedding venues and estates for weddings?

California is the perfect place for a wedding, and California estate wedding venues are plentiful. One of the best places to get married in California is at our Private Gated Estate in Wine Country. Our 40-acre estate is embellished with gorgeous indoor and outdoor ceremony sites, beautiful views, Redwoods and Oak trees, and an elegant ballroom for your reception.

Searching for estate wedding venues in California will help you narrow down your options. Try to narrow it down further by a geographic region and start browsing websites.

What are the best rustic wedding venues in California?

Rustic is a popular buzzword used to describe wedding venues today. But what does rustic mean? Is it a word that can be used to describe any venue or is there a true definition of rustic?

An actual definition of the word “rustic” is “pertaining to the country or countryside.” According to Merriam-Webster, it also means “of, relating to, or characteristic of rural life.”

This definition makes “rustic” appear very clearly, but so many different styles of venues claim to be rustic. When we think about “rustic wedding venues in California” we picture a ranch, barn, or somewhere in the countryside.

The best rustic wedding venues are not actually rustic (or rusty), but rather have thoughtful touches that are elegant and refined. You don’t want your wedding in an actual barn, trust us.

What defines all-inclusive wedding venues in California?

All-inclusive wedding venues in California typically include your venue, catering, and basic decor at a minimum. Other venues offer much more including your photographer and florals.

All-inclusive wedding venues are a popular option because they allow you to plan your wedding without having to worry about the details. All-inclusive venues are a great choice for couples who want to have the freedom to enjoy their special day without having to worry about finding all of these services.

What should I do as soon as I get engaged in California?

If you’ve begun planning your wedding or are anticipating that your significant other will propose to you soon, congratulations! Whatever stage you are in in the wedding planning process, one of the first decisions you will have to make is where to host your wedding – AKA your wedding venue. There are lots of types of California wedding venues, and all are different to cater to your different wedding needs and vision.

How do I narrow down my priorities for my wedding day?

Whether you’re looking for beachfront vibes, wine country comfort, an urban experience, mountain energy, or seaside chic, California is home to just about any type of wedding venue you could dream of.

But what is really important is to decide what your priorities are for your wedding day. Napa Valley or Sonoma County may be ideal for the wine aficionados and foodies while couples who are religious can pick a church or temple.

Couples who love the idea of having an entire weekend with guests may consider the comfort of a bed & breakfast/overnight stay (although we advise against this!). Whatever your style, read below for a very brief overview of a majority of the different types of California wedding venues below to help you plan your dream wedding.

How can I find the best California wedding venues?

When looking to find a wedding venue some people will simply put in the google search “wedding venue near me” but that really limits your options. Do you really want to go to an event venue that everyone has already seen? Is your main goal to have a venue that’s simply close to home?

We each have a picture in our mind of our perfect wedding day. As you look through the types of wedding venues below, think about the stage to create your dream wedding. Are you looking for a beautiful blank canvas to design your wedding day, or do you want an all-inclusive wedding package? This is your big day, take your time and make the best decision for you and your wedding guests.

Are ballrooms/hotel venues in California a great place to get married?

Ballrooms and hotels are a popular choice for couples looking at California wedding venues. The reason? It’s super convenient for you and your guests. Some of the pros include working with an experienced staff, having your rentals included, and of course, quick and convenient access to accommodations for your guests. A hotel or ballroom is a great option for guests who are looking for convenience, don’t want a lot of customization at their wedding, or wedding couples who are looking to do a destination wedding.

But, it has its downsides. Hotels and ballrooms often lack flexibility, such as forcing you to use their vendors, often have lots of hidden costs, and may have other restrictions that surprise you down the road. Another consideration is, that your wedding pictures may look like all the other weddings they host.

Are banquet halls or restaurant venues in California a good place to get married?

Foodies who are looking for convenience and simplicity may consider banquet halls or restaurants in their search for California wedding venues. On the upside, you’re almost guaranteed to get a great meal at your wedding equipped with staff who are trained in handling large parties. And the best part? They usually already have many of the rentals you’d need to purchase elsewhere –– tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, and more.

The downside? Space is usually pretty limited and restaurants and banquet halls aren’t exactly designed with things in mind like a venue specifically made to host weddings. Think about your grand entrance, dancing, bouquet toss, and other parts of your wedding celebration when looking at California wedding venues.

What are the benefits of getting married in a barn, farm, or ranch venue in California?

If nature is important to you and you want to have your wedding in a unique location or off the beaten path, a barn, farm or ranch may be a great choice for you.

This is the category that Mountain House Estate technically falls under. We’ll do our best not to be biased, but we’d like to think we’re pretty great (and so do lots of wedding couples and vendors) 😉.

However, we’d like to preface that we are not your typical “barn” or “farm” or “ranch”. First of all, we don’t have any cows, horses, or other barn or farm animals on site. And hey, it’s for good reason.

This might seem picture-perfect, but in the dead heat of summer when these animals are pooping, that smell (and flies) is definitely going to intrude on your wedding. And we don’t find that to be very romantic.

Couples often use the word “rustic” when doing online searches for California wedding venues. And what they’re typically looking for is all of the vibes of the countryside, rural and outdoor wedding, but don’t think about some of the cons.

Which are: weather, lack of air conditioning/heating, lack of toilets, and so much more. Of course, since Mountain House Estate was conceived and designed to be a rustic wedding venue that tackles all of these issues instead of leaving them in hindsight, you won’t encounter them when you celebrate here.

Should I look at beach venues in California to get married?

Ah yes, the beach. One of the most sought-after concepts in California wedding venues. Beaches are simply beautiful, inviting, and the epitome of romance. In concept, they’re the ultimate place to get married.

But the reality? Sand blowing in you and your guest’s faces, uninvited guests walking along the beach during your ceremony, and inclement weather issues. Some things are just more romantic in concept than in actuality. The beach is definitely one of those things.

And consider, California has coastal access laws, making the beaches open to the public. Unfortunately, that means, you might have wedding crashers, and they have a legal right to be there. Is there someone you would prefer to not have come to your wedding?

Should I look at overnight venues in California that offer lodging? Like a bed and breakfast?

We were going to write about the pros and cons of doing an overnight wedding venue, but we already did so in this other article. Click here to check it out.

I want a custom wedding but my partner wants to look at country club venues in California. How can we compromise?

Country club wedding venues are likely not going to give you your picture-perfect wedding day. The reason? There’s almost no room to customize your wedding and make it your own. Often, you’re forced into their catering, vendors, and fees. Choosing a wedding venue should be a mutual decision, but lay out the pros and cons with your fiance to reach a great decision together.

Northern California Golf Course Wedding Venues

The same logic applies to golf course wedding venues. Unless Tiger Woods is your idol and you religiously watch and play golf, you probably don’t want to get married at a golf course.

California Golf Club South and Other Golf Club Venue Options

At a country club, you can likely have your ceremony and reception both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds or saving you from inclement weather. You’re almost guaranteed that the grounds will be well-maintained, and the food is usually pretty tasty.

So what’s the catch? Well for one, these can be on the pricier side of California wedding venues. And it’s also very unlikely that you’ll have the entire venue to yourself –– they’re likely hosting other events, and if it’s a country club, there will be people golfing, eating, and enjoying their country club benefits. So it’s not exactly private or exclusive.

And be careful about those extra charges. Just like ballrooms and hotels, the initial price they give you sounds pretty enticing. But every service has an additional charge. Water on tables, coffee station, cake cutting – yup, they charge you per slice.

San Francisco CA Wedding Venue

Can I have my ceremony at a church or temple in California and host my reception at a separate venue?

Whether Jewish or Christian or whatever your faith may be, a church is a great option if religion plays an integral part in your relationship. Churches are definitely a more traditional type of California wedding venue. So when searching for California wedding venues, it may be a great option if you’re looking for something more classic for your ceremony.

Churches definitely set the stage for a grandeur style and there is a much more structured approach to how your wedding timeline will be. Another benefit is that it’s not as expensive as some other California wedding venues.

However, a church usually can’t lend itself to the reception, so you’ll have to then find and rent another place for your after-party. What’s more, is that the photography options are a bit limited in this setting. For instance, at Mountain House Estate, we have about 40 acres that lend a myriad of photo opportunities.

Here at Mountain House, we see many couples that get married in the church, with a small intimate ceremony inviting just their closest family, in the morning. Then, in the afternoon, they have a wedding ceremony with all their family, friends, and other wedding guests. Then the wedding reception and celebration follow late into the evening.

Are there any downsides to museum and gallery venues in California?

History, museums, and art galleries fall under this category. These are definitely more on the unconventional side of California wedding venues. And while they can create a unique vibe for your wedding day, they’re typically better for smaller and more intimate weddings (fewer guests) because of the limited space settings. The other caveat is that because these were not designed for hosting weddings, you may need to put in more time and effort, or hire a wedding planner, to host these appropriately.

And if you have a very specific theme in mind for your wedding or color scheme, you may have to nix that in one of these spaces because you’ll need to work with their existing decor and choose decorations that fit with the aesthetic.

Are there any downsides to having my wedding at an animal sanctuary, zoo, or equestrian facility in California?

What could be cuter than having animals at your wedding? Some animal properties are now also hosting weddings to meet demand. They’re an exciting and distinct experience for your guests, but there are some limitations you should think about before you look at these types of California wedding venues. The first thing to consider is that these are not designed for weddings; their main focus is their animals, not your special once-in-a-lifetime day.

But there’s more. Your wedding day is subject to the sights, sounds and smells that these California wedding venues provide. Flies, dust and manure are hard realities. Also, not very romantic. Have you seen the video of the animals getting ‘frisky’ during the ceremony? LOL.

Maybe that’s not how you want your wedding day to be remembered. And finally, your sound levels during your reception may be disrupting or stressful for the animals.

Mountain House Estate is not the most expensive wedding venue, but we are also not the cheapest.

Wedding Venues in California

There are thousands of wedding venues in California. Our best recommendation to you is to narrow it down to 1-2 styles of wedding venue (rustic, ranch, outdoor, oceanside, chapel, etc.) and go from there to help make it less overwhelming.

Forest Wedding Venues in California or Sonoma Area

If you are looking for a wedding venue in California that is close to nature, a great way to narrow down your search is by including the word “forest” or “Redwoods” in your search.

There are several different types of forests in this state, and all of them are beautiful. Some forest areas in California include redwood forests, oak woodlands, coastal sage scrub forests, pine forests, and even desert riparian habitats. Redwoods is a popular search term and it’s no wonder why – they’re magnificent and have stood the test of time, much like your love will :)

Mountain House Estate boasts gorgeous Oak groves and Redwood trees on the property.

What are some of the top wedding destinations in California?

Mountain House Estate is among one of the best wedding destinations in California. We’re close to wine country, the gorgeous coastline of Northern California, and not too far from the Bay Area. This makes us a perfect location for many Northern California wedding couples.

Most couples looking for a destination wedding are looking to Northern California because they want a wine country wedding or a beautiful oceanside wedding.

Southern California Weddings: Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara

Mountain House Estate is not located in Southern California. However, many couples choose our venue because they want to have a Northern California destination wedding. When you’re searching for venues for weddings in California and southern California wedding venues, keep this in mind as you search; do you want to have a local wedding or a destination wedding?

Some of the best wedding venues in California include:

Griffith House

515 N State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

Mountain High Resort

Ski Resort

24510 CA-2, Wrightwood, CA 92397

Ardenwood Historic Farm

34600 Ardenwood Blvd, Fremont, CA 94555

SpringHill Suites Napa Valley

101 Gateway Rd E, Napa, CA 94558

Sheraton Park Hotel

1855 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802

Hyatt Carmel Highlands Inn (rooms and on-site catering/restaurant)

120 Highlands Dr, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93923

Dove Canyon Courtyard

31981 Dove Canyon Dr, Dove Canyon, CA 92679

Serendipity Garden Weddings

12865 Oak Glen Rd, Oak Glen, CA 92399

Willow Heights Mansion

1978 Willow Springs Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Brookside Lake Event Center

3409 Brookside Rd, Stockton, CA 95219

Wind & Sea Estate

Big Sur, CA

Gold Mountain Manor

1117 Anita Ave, Big Bear, CA 92314

Julia Morgan Redwood Grove

255 Benbow Dam Rd, Garberville, CA 95542

Silver City Ghost Town (museum)

3829 Lake Isabella Blvd, Bodfish, CA 93205

Dawn Ranch Lodge

16467 CA-116, Guerneville, CA 95446

Santa Lucia Preserve (one of many popular beach wedding venues)

Rancho San Carlos Rd, Carmel-By-The-Sea, CA 93923

Surfrider Beach

Beach in Los Angeles County, California

Patterson House

34600 Ardenwood Blvd. Fremont, CA 94555

Spring Ranch

8475 North, CA-1, Little River, CA 95456

Suisun Valley Inn

4400 Suisun Valley Rd, Fairfield, CA 94534

Berkeley City Club

2315 Durant Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

Living Well Event Center

22975 Santa Cruz Highway Los Gatos, CA, 95033

Niemuth Manor

769 Dogtown Rd, Angels Camp, CA 95222

Castle Inn

1734 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802

Pines Resort

54432 Rd 432, Bass Lake, CA 93604

Post Ranch Inn

 47900 CA-1, Big Sur, CA 93920

San Ysidro Ranch

900 San Ysidro Ln, Montecito, CA 93108

Surfrider Malibu – The Surfrider Hotel

23033 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

Serendipity Gardens Wedding Venue / Serendipity Oak Glen (Glen Oaks Wedding)

12865 Oak Glen Rd, Oak Glen, CA 92399

What are the most popular towns and cities that have great California wedding venues?

There are more people that live in Southern California, so of course, there are more wedding venues as well. The same is true with the other populated areas that we have mentioned. While there are more people, it also means that there are more places to get married as well. So if you live in this part of the country, you should have no problem finding a place to get married.

Orange County

Orange County is a popular place to get married, and for good reason. With a wide variety of wedding venues, including hotels, restaurants, wineries, and even castles, Orange County is one of the best places to get married in California.

In Orange County, you’ll find a variety of wedding venues to meet your needs. From the beach to the mountains and everything in between, there are plenty of beautiful places for an outdoor ceremony.

SoCal Wedding Venue Options

Southern California is bright and sunny, and it’s the perfect place to get married. With so many California wedding venues, you’ll have no problem finding the right one for your big day here. One thing to consider of course, is the heat! A/C is a must.

Southern California Outdoor Wedding Venues

Speaking of A/C, if you are getting married at a Southern California outdoor wedding venue, make sure there is shade and fans for your guest. Things can get way #hotgirlsummer faster than you anticipate :)

San Diego

San Diego is a popular destination for weddings because of its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and romantic scenery. The city is also home to a number of unique wedding venues that can help you create your dream wedding.

In addition to the standard banquet halls and hotels, San Diego offers a number of unique venues that are ideal for weddings. If you’re looking to save money on your wedding reception costs, consider hosting it in one of the city’s historic buildings. The Balboa Park Club, for example, is a historic building that has been used as a venue for weddings since the early 20th century. It’s located on El Prado in Balboa Park and offers a historic setting with beautiful architecture.

Another unique venue is the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Hall, which can be rented out for weddings.

Napa Valley

Ah yes, Napa Valley. Everyone knows the name. Napa Valley is home to many of the wineries that people associate with California. It is a beautiful place to visit and even more so when you are planning your wedding. There are many Napa Valley wedding venues available for your special day.

Napa Valley is a very popular place to get married and for good reason. There are many reasons why you should choose Napa Valley as the location of your wedding ceremony and reception.

Northern California

Northern California is a broad, beautiful area that offers a wide variety of venues for weddings and other events. There are many different types of settings to choose from, including beaches, mountains, mansions and wineries. No matter what type of event you are planning, there is a place in Northern California that will suit your needs perfectly.

The first thing to consider when choosing a wedding venue is the type of event you want to have. Your wedding style will help you narrow down your venue choices. For example, if you want to have a traditional wedding with lots of flowers and white tablecloths, then a beach or mountain venue may not be the best choice for you. However, if you want to have a more casual event, then a beach or mountain venue may be perfect.

Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley and the Lake Tahoe area are sought-after for destination weddings and receptions.

The region offers a wide variety of wedding venues and services, from rustic to elegant. Squaw Valley is home to the largest ski resort in North America, with over 7,000 acres of skiable terrain. A winter wedding could be fun but comes with another set of things to consider like how to stay warm and how much fo your wedding and photos you want outdoors.

There are even more California wedding venues…it’s overwhelming, trust us.

There are many other types of California wedding venues that we didn’t cover in this article, but this covers some of the most Googled and researched online. We hope that you find a venue that is perfect for you.