6 Reasons to Have a Weekday Wedding

If you’ve been forced to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19 at Mountain House Estate, or at any other California wedding venue, we are truly sorry from the bottom of our hearts. We wish we had the power to carry out your wedding. And since you’re now faced with [Read More]

How To Plan Your Winter Wedding

If you're getting married sometime soon and looking to do something a bit out of the ordinary, fun, romantic, and rustic, then a winter wedding in wine country may be your perfect solution! Offering great deals, spectacular visuals, and the kind of emotions only the holidays can provide, there [Read More]

How to Save Money at Our Barn Wedding Venue

How to Save Money at Our Barn Wedding Venue California Wedding venues northern California hacks spend less, northern California affordable wedding venues, barn wedding venue California One of the Most Affordable Barn Weekend Wedding Venues Northern California (and No Surprises or Hidden [Read More]