[fusion_dropcap boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”” class=”” id=”” color=”” text_color=””]O[/fusion_dropcap]ne of the most important steps you will take in planning your wedding as a couple is choosing the date. This will have an impact on every aspect of your celebration. Your attire, your décor, your flowers, even your food choices are affected by when you and your beloved tie the knot. Every couple is unique and each person has their own idea of the perfect wedding – so let’s take a look at some things to consider when making this decision.

Does inclement weather worry you?

In many months you can predict what the weather will be like based on past records. The most popular months for weddings are June, September, and October, and it’s understandable why. The weather is generally warm and during the summer months, the sky stays light until mid-evening.

Regardless of past records, you would still want to keep track of weather predictions throughout your planning process. We’ve seen rain in the summer and unseasonable heat in the winter months. The best way to deal with this is to include a contingency amount in your budget for items like throws or fans so that your guests will be comfortable.

Our indoor space at our Northern California wedding venue is both heated and air-conditioned, keeping you and your guests comfortable year-round. We can seat up to 124 at tables inside and up to 250 outdoors.

What about an off-season or mid-week date?

In many cases, the Sonoma County wedding venue you choose will offer a reduced price for off-season months. Cost savings might be a significant factor in your choosing a particular venue, but also consider whether the venue has ample indoor space for your guests or a space to set up a tent for your celebration in case of inclement weather. If a certain type of flower is something you cannot see your wedding happening without having them in your bouquet, will they be in season and available at that time? What about the backdrop of your dreams? Will the landscaping look as you envision it for your wedding?

Late fall to early spring weddings are beautiful and careful planning will ensure that your special day goes as you envision. Some ways you can ensure your guest’s comfort would be extra heaters, throws, or even a hot cider or hot chocolate station with a signature beverage for your guests to enjoy.

In addition to off-season dates, you should also consider mid-week or a Friday or Sunday wedding. Would they work for you? If you’re having a destination wedding, these days could be ideal for your wedding, and offer your guests additional time to enjoy the destination before going home again. Venue prices are often lower for a Sunday through Friday’s wedding.

We offer discounted rates for weekday, Friday and Sunday weddings, as well as seasonal pricing.

Are you thinking about a major holiday for your wedding?

They can be super fun but consider carefully. Although a wedding on Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July, or even Halloween might offer a unique opportunity for a festive occasion, make sure it’s a good day for your guests. Many families have traditions for these holidays that they might not want to miss.

We are available to host your celebration 365 days a year!

How do you envision your wedding day?

What do you want your backdrop to look like? Do you see everything around you in vibrant greens? It sounds like spring to me! Or do you see yourself walking down the aisle with the sky plump and lazy in the summertime and the landscape gold and green? Or is it fall with the freshness it brings as the foliage begins to turn colors? Then there’s the stark glory of winter… Whichever season it is, keep in mind what that season brings. Once you’ve chosen a season, you’ve significantly narrowed the possible months for your celebration.

The layout of Mountain House Estate offers breathtaking views in any season. Spring brings lush green hillsides and wildflowers. In the summertime, our landscaped gardens are overflowing with flowers and vegetables. Fall brings the end of harvest in our raised vegetable garden and the planting of winter crops. The leaves on the trees and vines turn color and herald in winter in its naked beauty.

Are there dates that are especially meaningful to you?

You might want to choose the anniversary of a significant date in your life as a couple. Is there a family member who is no longer present that you’d like to honor by choosing to be married on their birthday? Are there dates that you wish to avoid altogether? These considerations will help you narrow down your date selection.

Who is available, and when?

You’ve found the Sonoma county wedding venue of your dreams – or the photographer – or the caterer, but they aren’t available on the date you chose. What now? What about your family and friends – are they available? This leads us directly to the seventh consideration:

Do you have enough time to bring your celebration together?

Consider the most important parts of your celebration and put them into an organized order. Is the setting most important, or that one specific photographer? Or is it a specific date? Or something else? It takes the timeline everything up. Working with a qualified planner can only help you on this journey as she or he has done this all before and you are doing it for the first time.

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