A Petition Regarding Discrimination Against Weddings

To: California Governor Newsom, and all other Governors and Health Directors
From: Couples desiring to get married, Wedding Guests, and Wedding Vendors

The United States Supreme Court has repeatedly stated that marriage is a fundamental right of all individuals.  Yet, in reaction to the COVID-19 Pandemic, you have excessively limited our right to responsibly gather and profess our love in front of family and friends. We feel this treatment is unreasonably discriminatory against us.

Here are a few of our points regarding weddings in California:

  • You allow churches to have weddings using the guidelines you established. So why aren’t non-religious couples allowed the same privileges at the wedding location of their choice? Does the First Amendment apply to us?
  • You allow restaurants to serve meals outside.  So why can’t a licensed caterer serve our guests at our wedding following those same guidelines?
  • You allow wineries to have tastings outdoors.  So why can’t my guests celebrate my big day with a toast?
  • You said you didn’t want to host weddings or gatherings because it encouraged “leisure travel” and then proceeded to allow Airbnb, VRBO and others to host outside travelers.

Together, with the vendors we’ve selected we’ve planned our wedding for over a year. Contact tracing is easy because we have an invited guest list and the public is not allowed.  There is no evidence of a greater risk of virus transmission between weddings that practice your guidance in the orders, and the risks presented by the public businesses you allowed to reopen.

If this is the “New Normal” and we will be living with the virus for an unknown and extended period of time, you must find a way to allow our wedding to continue. We will ensure that our vendors and guests strictly adhere to the guidelines of the similar businesses you have allowed to reopen.

If you support couples that want to responsibly host their wedding, please sign below and share (share buttons below form). Your personal information will not be shared or used for any marketing purposes.

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