Postponement and Rescheduling Policy

Being faced with the decision to postpone your wedding can be stressful and Mountain House Estate wants you to know our rescheduling policies. If you are faced with making that decision, you may be feeling a little sad, or maybe angry with how the government is handling the situation.  After all, you’ve already spent months or even years planning for your event. We get it. We understand (we’re in the same boat), and we want to help. Keep reading and you’ll completely understand what our postponement and rescheduling policy is.

Just like you, we begin preparations for your wedding from the day you reserve your date.  Your date is held exclusively for you, and we turn away all others who might want to hold their wedding on that date.  Upon booking your date, in an effort to help you have the best day ever, we send you proprietary information developed over years of helping couples with their weddings.

Behind the scenes, there are many aspects of your wedding day that MHE continually works on.  Some of these aspects include our continued efforts to help you find the right vendors, collect certificates of liability insurance from each vendor, and help your vendors with logistics to ensure your day goes smoothly.  However most of our efforts for your wedding are truly behind the scenes and require unseen work and expense to make sure the property is ready for your day.

Covid Rescheduling.  If at eight weeks before your wedding date, wedding ceremonies are not allowed by the State of California or County of Mendocino due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, you may postpone your wedding day at no additional fee to an available, comparable date within 365 days of your original date.

A ‘Comparable Date’ refers to the day of the week, and the season in which your wedding was scheduled.  Example:  If you have a Friday in June wedding scheduled, you can move to an available Friday in April through October.  If you’d like to move to a Saturday, there will be an additional fee for the upgrade.  

General Postponement.  If wedding ceremonies are allowed by the State of California and County of Mendocino, and you’d like to postpone your wedding date for any reason or at any other time, we have a graduated rescheduling fee. This is because, just like you, other couples book their wedding day far in advance and rarely does anyone book a wedding date six months or less from their desired wedding date.  

The decision to postpone or reschedule your wedding is solely in your hands.  When you decide to postpone your wedding day, a California wedding venue has many factors to consider, including:

  • How much time and expense has been invested in your reserved date?
  • How many other couples has the wedding venue turned away for your reserved date?
  • What is the likelihood of finding another couple for that wedding date?
Due to these factors, if you’d like to reschedule your wedding date, there is a rescheduling fee in addition to your original agreement.  The graduated rescheduling fee is based upon the length of notice prior to your current wedding date that you provide the venue.
  • 12 months or more in advance – $1000, flat fee
  • 11 months in advance – 15% of the venue fee for the new date selected, or $1000, whichever is greater.
  • 10 months in advance – 20% of the venue fee for the new date selected.
  • 9 months in advance – 30% of the venue fee for the new date selected.
  • 8 months in advance – 40% of the venue fee for the new date selected.
  • 7 months in advance – 50% of the venue fee for the new date selected.
  • 6 months in advance – 70% of the venue fee for the new date selected.
  • 5 months in advance – 75% of the venue fee for the new date selected.
  • 4 months in advance – 80% of the venue fee for the new date selected.
  • 3 months in advance – 85% of the venue fee for the new date selected.
  • 2 months in advance – 90% of the venue fee for the new date selected.
  • 1 months in advance – 95% of the venue fee for the new date selected. 

Here are our additional terms and conditions for Covid Rescheduling and General Postponement:

  • The new wedding date shall be within 365 days of the original date.
  • If there is a price difference between your original Agreement price and the newly selected date’s price, you are responsible for paying the difference plus any applicable rescheduling fee.
  • Should you choose a less expensive date, or should your guest count be reduced, there shall be no adjustment in the Facility Use Fee and rescheduling fees will apply, if applicable. 
  • Facility Use Fees are subject to change without notice.
  • Postponements or rescheduling an event may be made only with the express consent of The Property. 
  • Postponements or rescheduling may only be made one time and will require the termination of the current Agreement to release the parties from their obligations, and the execution of a new Agreement.

Regarding COVID, it is the State of California, not our wedding venue (or any California wedding venue) that is dictating these rules and regulations, here are a few resources for you to review or contact if your wedding is forced to change or postpone due to Covid.
This organization is fighting to bring weddings and events back to California wedding venues.

State of California Covid Resources

California Governor

California Dept. of Public Health
12/03/3030 Order

California Dept of Public Health

Mendocino County has aligned its guidance with the State:
Mendocino County Public Health Resources

Public Health: (707) 472-2600
Local Coronavirus Info: (707) 234-6052, [email protected]

Board of Supervisors

Supervisor for Mendocino County District
Ted Williams
[email protected]

The following is from this website: as of December 3rd, 2020

Is this mandatory or is it just guidance?
It is mandatory. This order is a legal order issued under the authority of California law. You are required to comply, and it is a misdemeanor crime not to follow the order. The intent is prevention of the spread of this deadly illness and protection of human life. It is critical for everyone to follow the order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect themselves, their loved ones, friends, neighbors, and the whole community. All persons, businesses, and other entities are required to comply if they do not fall within the exemptions that are specified in the Order.

What happens if I don’t comply with this Order?
This is a legally enforceable order issued under California law. It is a crime to violate this order, and you may be punished by a fine or imprisonment for doing so.

May wedding venues (other than Places of Worship) open for in-person weddings?
Yes. For counties, like Mendocino, in the Widespread risk (purple) tier, wedding ceremonies (only) may occur outside (not indoors) at places of worship, which includes venues such as churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues, which traditionally engage in the practice of religious services or cultural ceremonies, in addition to secular locations. All such places of worship and providers of religious services and cultural ceremonies must follow the State Guidance, including, but not limited to the holding outdoor ceremonies only and requiring social distancing. Wedding parties and receptions are not permitted at any venues at this time.