Top Trends of 2020 Weddings

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2020 has just made its grand entrance. While the holiday spirit seems to be winding down, we know for a fact that the festivities are far from over. It is perhaps because the air seems to be filled with heady romance and the promise of love, as couples gear up to say their vows, all through the year.

So as you put together your 2020 wedding, we just want to share a few trends we believe are going to make the rounds at most of the weddings this year. Just a little piece of advice before we begin though; choose the trends that best reflect your personal choice rather than those that just happen to be the rage of the day. And if you have any questions about themes, ideas or vendors to host at our outdoor wedding venue, feel free to reach out to us.


Although protecting our planet earth should be a regular practice rather than a trend to be picked up, we are seeing a huge number of couples opting for an eco-friendly, sustainable theme for their wedding celebrations. From food to flowers, we can see people making concerted efforts to make as less of an impact with their wedding events as possible.

Large scale weddings require days and sometimes even weeks of preparations, during which carbon footprints are unavoidable. Thanks to the sustainability trend, florists, designers, caterers, planners, brides, grooms and even florists are transforming their pattern of work into eco-friendly standards.

All Things Mystical

All things mystical and spirituality seems to be the hottest trend of 2020. We can see everything off the cabinet of curiosities, from palm and tarot card readings to crystals galore, aura paintings and everything in between. This trend covers everything from bachelorette events, showers focusing on wellness, and after party activities where invitees get to know their fortunes by tarot readers and revered astrologers. If your wedding is just around the corner, why not hop onto the bandwagon and get all spiritual and mystical? You’ll make waves with this one – we guarantee.

Specialty Liquor Bars

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So what is your glass of fantasy? Whiskey? Tequila on the rocks or a connoisseur of champagne? We are all huge fans of liquor and modesty is a thing of the past. Why not show your fantastic knowledge of all things liquor to your wedding guests? You can add a treat of it either at your reception or as an after party fun addition.

This trend is really easy to organize since you only need to set up a specialty bar, arrange for the fanciest glassware, provide options to the guests and order the finest garnishes. You could also feature a bubbly bar pulled on bar carts through your cocktail hour or after your wedding cake is served. Showcase some blanc de blancs, rose, brut and demi sac options.

The Ultimate Engagement Sessions

We all are well aware of the long standing tradition of taking sophisticated and elegant engagement photos. Engagements photos simply work as a great warm up leading to your big day, as well as give you an opportunity to get acquainted with your wedding photographer. In the year of 2020, brides and grooms are looking at engagement photo shoots as more of what they’re thinking all during the time leading up to their wedding day, and all the photo moment looks they will have during the beautiful time.

These shoots give engaged couples more time to have some fun with style and travel and also strengthen their bond. Head to a destination you both fancy, experiment with some bold dresses and silhouettes and give free rein to your heart’s desires before the wedding day. Capture the moments of your adventures and risks together, as you explore the many facets of style and personality and future husband and wife.

Ultimate Style Photo Booths

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Photo booths in 2019 took great inspiration from the Kardashians’ Instagram. In the trend we saw their friends and family enjoying slimming effects, airbrushing, filters and their modern flips of old school filmstrips.

This year, we are geared up for more artful takes on the ultimate photo sessions. We must at this point inform you however, that this trend is not just admittedly very elite in nature but also very expensive.  This type of booth requires careful planning and collaboration with your wedding planner and wedding photographers, to yield a professional result.

Although the imagery requires a lot of anticipation and waiting, the end result is totally worth it. Furthermore, your guests will be totally thrilled with a perfectly shot and edited portrait of them with their friends, sent to their inboxes or homes as a post wedding precious memory.

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