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Mountain House Estate is a gorgeous 40-acre private, gated estate with redwoods, Oak Trees, gardens, vineyards, and so much more. When you choose us for your wedding, you get so much more than redwoods – we have over 30 unique photo opportunities around our property, from ponds to vineyards, to vintage trucks, barns, windmills, and so much more. Our venue is a short drive from the San Francisco Bay Area.

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You deserve a stress-free wedding with customizations & options. Here’s why you’ll love mountain house estate:
– 40 private acres with rolling hills & redwood/oak trees
– your wedding, your way. BYOB & byo vendors (including food trucks)
– outdoor and indoor ceremony and reception locations
– gorgeous dressing suites
– custom-designed lighting, decor & rentals
– unlimited photo opportunities

Mountain House Estate features Redwoods & a natural amphitheater of Oak Trees: The Oak Tree Terrace

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10 oak tree terrace rustic mountain house estate weddingi venues northern california

11 oak tree terrace rustic mountain house estate weddingi venues northern california

How will my wedding photos turn out at Mountain House Estate?

That’s a great question. We included our services, amenities, inclusions, and photo opportunities below so you can learn more about our property. Our website also has virtual tours and galleries to picture your dream wedding.

If you want to see our most recent weddings at Mountain House Estate, click here.

You’ll fall in love with our picturesque wine country setting and charm.

It’s no surprise that Bay Area couples and couples searching for wedding venues with a woodsy vibe or Redwood trees love Mountain House Estate because of our versatility. Our indoor and outdoor spaces boast everything you need to have a fantastic wedding experience. Our banquet hall is the perfect setting to dance the night away. And for your guests who smoke, vape, or use nicotine pouches, they can visit The Smokin’ Olive Lounge – our designated smoking area.

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Want to know more about Mountain House Estate?

Our FAQ page has fantastic resources for you.

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Want to get in touch and learn more about Mountain House Estate?

We’d love to connect and learn more about your wedding vision. Contact us to start a conversation.

9 oak tree terrace rustic mountain house estate weddingi venues northern california

Mountain House Estate – California wine country weddings – Mendocino country wedding venue – Oak Tree Terrace bride

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9 mountain house estate recent weddings napa valley

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What is your wedding pricing?

Please scroll down this page to view our amenities, services, and inclusions. Then you can reach out to us for pricing details.

Where can I find venues in the woods?

You can find venues in the woods practically everywhere in Northern California. It would be best to narrow your search criteria to find your perfect wedding style and fit for your big day.

What is the best redwood wedding venue in Northern California?

The best redwood wedding venue in Northern California is my personal opinion. Still, Mountain House Estate is one of the area’s top Redwood wedding venues, offering towering trees, BYOB, and so much more.

Where should I look for forest wedding venues in Northern California?

The best place to look for forest wedding venues in Northern California is outside the Bay Area and on the Redwood Coast, Sonoma County, Fort Bragg, and more.

Ridgefield Weddings

Ridgefield is the newest Redwoods wedding venue in Arcata, CA, with a colonial-style home and 75 acres of 2,000-year-old Redwood trees.

North Coast: Wedding Parks Near Me

The North Coast of California is a region in the U.S. state of California, consisting of Humboldt County on the north, Del Norte County to the south, and Mendocino County to the west.

Spring Ranch: Forest Wedding Venues Near Me

Spring Ranch is a wedding venue located near Napa Valley, California. They offer a variety of media with beautiful views and amenities. Spring Ranch is also home to many activities for honeymooners and couples looking to get married in Napa Valley. These include weddings, bachelorette parties, and babymoon vacations.

Secret Gardens: A Twilight Forest Wedding

Bodega Bay Secret Gardens is a Northern California wedding venue offering couples over two acres of gardens. With hidden shaded pathways, secret bridges, and emerald greens, this venue provides the perfect backdrop for any wedding. Its convenient location near Bodega Bay makes it easy to find and ideal for those who want a rustic wedding in Northern California.

Nelson Family Vineyards: Ceremony Wedding Venues

The Nelson Family Vineyards is a beautiful location for a wedding in Northern California. They offer exclusive weekend-long rentals, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the property and celebrate with your friends and family.

Redwood Coast | Humboldt: Beautiful Land in the Northern Portion of the State

Humboldt County is a county on the north-central coast of California. Arcata is the largest city and the only major population center, with over 40% of its residents living in Arcata and Eureka. Humboldt is known for its spectacular nature, including the largest temperate rainforest in the world.

Julia Morgan Redwood Grove: Dream Wedding Venue

The Julia Morgan Redwood Grove is a popular wedding venue in Berkeley, CA. It offers three different ceremony timeslots and has three locations for receptions, either on-site or off-site. The rental fees for the Berkeley Botanical Garden Mather Redwood Grove include access to an outdoor ceremony amphitheater and the reception area.

The Haven at Tomales: Wedding Ceremonies

The Haven at Tomales is a unique wedding venue located in Northern California. It is an outdoor retreat with various event spaces, including a meadow, redwood grove, and creek-side lawn. The property is exclusive so that private events can go smoothly without interruptions. This makes it the perfect location for weddings, corporate meetings, parties, and other special occasions.

Deer Park Villa: Woodland Wedding

Deer Park Villa is a beautiful woodsy wedding venue located in Northern California. The redwood grove provides the perfect place to host your wedding ceremony and take stunning photos of your guests surrounded by nature. The rustic-elegant settings are ideal for capturing a sense of simplicity and beauty, making Deer Park Villa the perfect choice for weddings.

Chalet View Lodge and Other Redwood Wedding Venues

When it comes to finding a woodsy wedding venue in Northern California, there are plenty of great options. Some popular venues include the Chalet View Lodge, Gold River Lodge, Requa Inn, and Patrick Creek Lodge. All of these venues offer beautiful natural surroundings and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing and hiking.

Twenty Mile House

Twenty Mile House is a woodsy wedding venue located in Northern California. It offers many amenities, including setup and cleanup, DJ services, sound equipment, and professional photography services. The venue is beautiful and available for events and rentals.

Lake Tahoe | Northern Sierras

Lake Tahoe is a well-known and popular destination for weddings. The area offers a wide variety of venues to choose from, including rustic outdoor locations, modern hotels, event spaces, and more traditional historic buildings. The Northern Sierras are also famous for weddings, offering many outdoor activities like mountain climbing and skiing. Combined with the natural beauty of the Lake Tahoe area, this makes for an idyllic setting for your wedding day.

San Francisco Botanical Gardens

The San Francisco Botanical Garden is a beautiful location for weddings and receptions. It offers an indoor/outdoor option, perfect for any event. Additionally, the garden has gorgeous woodsy areas that are perfect for photos.

The Ranch at Stoney Creek: Forestry Wedding

The Ranch at Stoney Creek is a rustic wedding venue in Northern California. They have several locations on-site that make for the perfect ceremony location, all with beautiful views. They also provide catering, coordination, and more to help make your day perfect.

Saluti Cellars: Elopements

Saluti Cellars is a winery located in Napa Valley, California. They are known for their high-quality wine, made from grapes sourced from some of the best vineyards in the area. In addition to their award-winning wine, Saluti Cellars also has a fine selection of Italian wines, including one from Napoli.

Dawn Ranch: Gorgeous Grounds

Dawn Ranch is a wedding venue located in Guerneville, California. It provides both indoor and outdoor event spaces for weddings. The ranch is nestled in the Russian River Valley wine country and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and forests.

Silverado Resort and Spa

The Silverado Resort and Spa is excellent for couples, families, and solo travelers who want to relax and enjoy themselves. This resort has everything you need, including golf courses, restaurants, spas, and more. They, of course, also host weddings.

Ardenwood Historic Farm: Small Weddings California

Ardenwood Historical Farm is a wedding venue located in Northern California. The farm allows couples to spend their entire day on the 10-acre property. Two groves on the property, redwood and walnut, provide beautiful photo backdrops.

Wildwood Acres

Wildwood Acres is a wedding venue located in Northern California. They have nine vintage cabins, three retro camp trailers, and an RV park on-site. They offer catering for weddings and other events in addition to camping packages. There are multiple event spaces, including a garden and terrace for weddings or other events.

Redwood Canyon by Wedgewood Weddings

Redwood Canyon is a wedding venue located in the Redwoods of Northern California. Wedgewood Weddings manages this location and organizes weddings for weddings across the US and Canada. It has a scenic area and is known for its extensive services.

The Mountain Terrace

Mountain Terrace is a wedding venue located in the hills above Silicon Valley. It has a grass lawn, with redwoods and an incredible view of the valley below, where ceremonies are held. There is a small changing room for brides who get ready off-site and have their reception on the patio lit with fairy lights at night. The package includes a beautiful arbor that guests can decorate with flowers for no additional cost.

Kennolyn’s Stone Creek Village

Kennolyn’s Stone Creek Village is Northern California’s mountain getaway wedding venue. It offers a variety of recreational activities, such as zip-lining, horseback riding, and more. Stone Creek Village has excellent amenities, including an outdoor amphitheater and tennis courts.

Highlands House and Park

The Highland House and Park is a Ben Lomond, California wedding venue. It is situated on a farm and offers couples the option of an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception. The platform also rents out event lighting and sound equipment.

Looking for a Woodsy Wedding Venue?

Northern California is great for your wedding if you want a woodsy, rustic feel. There are many venues available in the area that will fit your needs. From vineyards to forests, there is something for everyone. So take your time and find the perfect venue for you and your fiance!

Waterfall Lodge | Santa Cruz, California

The Waterfall Lodge is a rustic wedding venue in Santa Cruz, California. It has a cozy space with plenty of natural light and beautiful views of nature. The lodge is also close to giant redwoods, which makes for a picturesque backdrop for photos.

UC Botanical Gardens | Berkeley, California

The UC Botanical Gardens is a stunning wedding venue in the heart of Berkeley, California. The gardens offer various settings for intimate weddings or larger receptions. The City Club, located on the grounds of the gardens, provides an elegant setting for larger weddings and receptions.

Bear Valley Resort | Alpine County, California

Bear Valley Resort is a stunning wedding venue in the heart of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Alpine County, California. It provides a wine country wedding escape with all the amenities and charm of Northern California’s picturesque Sonoma County.

Paradise Springs | Fresno, California

Paradise Springs is a secluded wedding venue in Fresno, California. Nestled among the trees, it provides a rustic and natural backdrop for your wedding day. The setting is perfect for couples who want an outdoor wedding in Northern California.

Nestldown in Los Gatos, California

Nestldown is a wedding venue located in Los Gatos, California. It has a unique fairytale feel, with beautiful and rustic surroundings. The chapel at Nestldown can make you feel dwarfed by the trees, making for an unforgettable wedding experience.

Wedding Venues Among the Redwood Trees of California

The redwood trees in California’s northern coastal region are among the tallest trees in the world. The area is home to many different species of redwood. Still, three varieties make up most of the forest: coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), giant sequoias (Sequoiadendron giganteum), and dawn redwoods (Metasequoia glyptostroboides). Coast redwoods can grow over 300 feet tall and have a trunk diameter of up to 25 feet. Coast redwoods are the tallest trees in the world. Giant sequoias are the largest living organisms on Earth. Their trunks can grow over 30 feet in diameter and reach heights of more than 300 feet. Dawn redwoods are only slightly smaller than coast redwoods, growing to about 270 feet tall with a trunk diameter of up to 20 feet.

The United States government protects the giant sequoias and dawn redwoods, so they cannot be cut down for lumber or any other purpose. However, coast redwoods can be cut down for lumber.

Redwood trees are not only beautiful to look at; they also provide food and shelter for many animals. Many insects live on the trunks and branches of redwoods. Birds build their nests in the trees’ thick branches, and many animals find shelter in their hollow trunks.

Redwoods are not only found along the coast; they also grow in Northern California. More old-growth redwoods are located in the northern part of the state than along the coast.

Redwoods Wedding Venues

There are so many redwood wedding venues in Northern California it can be hard to know where to begin. You want a serene and beautiful place, but you also need one with enough space for your guests and all of the amenities you desire. At the same time, you want an affordable place. Luckily, there are many redwood wedding venues in Northern California where you can get everything you want and more!

Redwoods Wedding Venue

The redwoods are a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding day photos. The tall trees create a dramatic setting, and the forest is quiet enough to hear your vows. I love redwood groves!

Forest Wedding Venues Northern California

Forest wedding venues are popular because they offer a unique private setting for your special day. Redwood trees are an excellent choice because they provide the perfect backdrop to your ceremony or reception.

Redwoods have been around since before dinosaurs roamed the Earth, so you can feel safe knowing that your venue will be around for years.

Wedding Venues Redwoods Bay Area

The Bay Area is home to many redwood trees, and for those who want a redwood grove as the backdrop of their wedding, we’ve got you covered.

If your idea of a dreamy wedding is to wed among giant trees in a secluded grove, we’ve got you covered.

Redwood Wedding Venues Northern California

There is no shortage of forest and redwood wedding venues in Northern California because Redwoods are native to Northern California.

Redwood trees are the tallest living things on Earth. They can live up to 3,000 years and grow over 350 feet tall. Redwoods are also among the oldest living organisms in the world.

The redwood tree has been a symbol of strength and longevity for centuries, inspiring awe in all who see them. They are so tall that they seem to touch the sky; their bark is so thick that it can withstand fire and insects.

Forest Wedding Venue in Northern California

There are so many types of trees in Northern California other than Redwoods. There are a variety of pines, firs, cedars, and oaks. A lot of our trees are over 100 feet tall! These trees make for beautiful wedding sites in Northern California.

Some of our trees have unique characteristics. For example, the Ponderosa Pine has cones hanging down from the branches; when they open, it’s like fireworks!

Elope California Redwood Wedding Venues

An elopement is an excellent option for couples who want to get married quickly and on a budget.

The best elopement wedding venues in Northern California are often found outdoors. Many of these locations offer the use of their grounds for an affordable price, and some even offer all-inclusive packages that include the venue, catering, and decorations.

California Redwood Wedding Venues

California redwood wedding venues are a popular search on Google, and we’ve got the best in Northern California.

Wedding Venues in Redwoods

Some of the major northern California cities with redwood forests are San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Sacramento.

This is an excellent place to get married because you can have your wedding inside one of the redwood tree forests.

The redwood forest is a beautiful place to get married because you can see the redwoods, which are giant trees that can grow up to 360 feet tall.

Wedding Venues Redwoods

San Francisco Botanical Gardens is perfect for wedding venues because they have redwood trees. Redwoods are native to Northern California, so it is excellent if your guests want to see a little bit of home. The gardens are also a perfect place for pictures because the redwoods create such exciting backdrops, and there is plenty of open space to spread out in and have your ceremony,

Santa Cruz, CA

Santa Cruz is a gorgeous city to live in. It has a small-town feel and is close to the beach, mountains, and redwood forests. If you are looking for a unique wedding venue that will make your guests say WOW, look no further than a redwood forest.

Wedding Venues in the Middle of Redwood Forest

The middle of the Redwood forests is technically located in Redwood National and State Parks. This is the best place to see some of the tallest trees in the world.

Redwood Canopy

The giant tree here, Hyperion, is over 379 feet tall and still growing. That’s taller than the Statue of Liberty!

Because the Redwood National and State Parks are so immense, there’s a lot of space for outdoor weddings. You can even have your ceremony in one part of the park.

Redwood Forest Small Wedding Venues

Small wedding venues are cute, charming, and intimate. They are also much more affordable than prominent venues, so many couples have their wedding at a small venue. However, when it comes time to look for a small wedding venue, you might be overwhelmed with the options.

California Redwoods Wedding Venues

California is home to many redwood wedding venues. If you are planning a wedding in Northern California, consider having your ceremony or reception at one of these redwood groves.

Wedding Venue Northern California Redwoods

Northern California is home to the coastline, vineyards, rolling hills, and redwood trees. Several wedding venues offer the beautiful backdrop of these towering giants in addition to catering, lodging, and other amenities.

Redwood Wedding Venue Bay Area

The Bay Area is a popular wedding destination for couples from all over the world. Many people flock to the Bay Area because of the gorgeous coastline and towering Redwoods.