If you’ve been forced to postpone your wedding due to COVID-19 at Mountain House Estate, or at any other California wedding venue, we are truly sorry from the bottom of our hearts. We wish we had the power to carry out your wedding. And since you’re now faced with the fact that you have to postpone, you may have another issue –– your dream wedding date may not be available in 2021; such as the case with many couples at wedding venues in California. Many of our couples are scrambling to reschedule their California weddings to weekend weddings in peak season, but many of these dates were accounted for long before…back when Corona was just a beer to us all. But rather than pushing your wedding to 2022 or even later, we have an excellent alternative: a weekday wedding! A weekday wedding is a great alternative to not having to wait any longer to get married to the love of your life. Keep reading to learn why many couples are opting for a stress-free weekday wedding for their California weddings.

You’ll Save Money – It Makes for More Affordable Wedding venues in Northern California

Lots of us are hurting from being out of work or losing income as a result of COVID-19. And even if you haven’t been as affected, why not save some money while still getting your perfect wedding? You could put that money toward your first home together, your honeymoon, or anything of your choice! 

Tons of vendors and affordable wedding venues in Northern California have less expensive pricing for weekdays, and for obvious reasons –– most weddings are scheduled on weekends to accommodate guests’ Monday through Friday 9-5 schedule. But if you’re concerned about RSVP numbers due to a weekday wedding, consider doing a later wedding ceremony, such as 6:30 PM, so that more guests can pencil you in. Just don’t expect most people to party into the wee hours of the morning. 

Many wedding venues in California and vendors will jump at the opportunity to be able to accommodate you on a day they would normally take off. At Mountain House Estate, we offer discount rates for weekday weddings. And if your guests are paying for any airfare or lodging, they’ll probably save some money too. If you’re rescheduling your wedding due to COVID-19, we’d strongly encourage you to book a weekday, not only to save a little money but to make sure your wedding isn’t further postponed.

Control Your Guest Count

Lots of times, our couples stress over how many guests to invite to their California weddings. It not only affects the budget, but it can make things super awkward. Do you invite your third cousin twice removed? Your ex-step mom’s new boyfriend? What if you’re the result of excluding someone from your list leads to that person, or someone else getting their feelings hurt? If you’re hosting a weekday wedding, you might be able to stress a little less. You can expect your guest count to be slightly lower than a weekend wedding at any wedding venue in California due to the nature of people’s work and personal lives. But the upside? You have more room to invite more guests after the fact. Just check with your caterer and venue about when you need to have your final guest count by.

Out of Town Guests

Something to consider, especially if you have guests coming from a long distance (for example, Southern California to Northern California, cross country, international), by choosing a weekday wedding you’re actually providing your guests with an excuse to have a mini-vacation – or longer – in Wine Country!  Another thing about a weekday wedding is that it also gives you the opportunity to schedule something for those very special people coming to celebrate YOU from a great distance – let’s say a wine tour, or a trip to the Northern California Coast or San Francisco if they’ve never been.  Being able to spend more time with those who have traveled to be at your wedding, more time than a quick “Hello!  Thanks for coming!” is golden!

Vendor Availability

It’s inevitable that many California weddings are being postponed due to COVID-19, and wedding couples are scrambling to reschedule. But when you take all California wedding venues and vendors into account, from your florist to your caterer, it may be a nightmare for you (and your wedding planner) to try to coordinate a weekend wedding date that works for you and all of your vendors. But that chance is slimmed down tremendously when you book a weekday wedding! It’s just another way to reduce the stress from COVID-19 and your wedding postponement. And we’re all for that 😉.

Spend Extra Time with Your Guests

Whether your guests are local or are traveling from out of town, having weekday California weddings allows you to spend extra time with guests after the actual ceremony and reception. If you’re leaving for a honeymoon later in the week for instance, you won’t feel so rushed if you want to grab a coffee with a friend from out of town or go see grandma before you whiz off into the sunset. Again, another way to reduce being rushed, and therefore stress, for your wedding. Note: Mountain House Estate does not offer overnight accommodations (and for good reason!) Read more here.

Celebrate on a (Weekday) Holiday

As it turns out, some super cool and festival holidays fall on weekdays in 2021. St. Patrick’s Day, anyone? So when planning California weddings, take a look at the holiday calendar in 2021 and then check and research with California wedding venues to see if that date is available. Cinco de Mayo falls on a Wednesday as well, and would be an amazing excuse to feature margs. 🍹☘️

Make it a Special Date

Do you want to share an anniversary with your parents or celebrate your wedding ceremony on the anniversary of the day you began dating or met? Weekday weddings can be an excellent way to mark any significant dates that you may want to continue celebrating. Tying the knot on the day you specifically chose will lead to amazing memories for you, your significant other and your wedding guests. Get creative with it.

Is it Rude if I have a Weekday Wedding?

Heck no. It’s YOUR wedding. You can host it whenever and wherever your heart desires. If you want to go above and beyond, make sure you give your guests plenty of notice, try to host it slightly later in the evening and show your gratitude with a kind note or unique favors.

It’s Okay to be Sad About Changing Your Wedding Date

We know this is a tremendously difficult time and that COVID-19 has changed everything about your wedding plans. Right now many of us are going through intense emotional struggles, from wedding couples to florists and even California wedding venues. Once you’ve processed your emotions, move forward by securing a new date for your California wedding by communicating postponements over to your loved ones with a change-the-date card or email.

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