Frequently Asked Questions

You’re interested in booking Mountain House Estate for your wedding or event, but you still have questions? If you don’t find the answers you need on this page, please email, call or text.

Can we use our own Caterers and Vendors?
Yes, but may we suggest that you consider those on our Recommended Vendor list? These Vendors have seen the Estate, are professional, experienced, insured, permitted, and have been pre-qualified to insure your event is everything you desire. However, if you do desire to use someone not on our list, indeed they can qualify to work at the Estate. We will provide them with an Agreement that states the expectations we both have of them. We ask that before you book a Vendor not on our list you contact the Estate with their name. Some Vendors are not on the list because they didn’t meet the standards and service levels required. You only get married once, we do all that we can to make sure it’s perfect.

Does Mountain House Estate allow food trucks?
Yes. We have a great concrete pad area, easily accessible to guests, that can be surrounded with four food trucks. In addition, we have a second area that we call the ‘show off kitchen’ which can accommodate additional trailers, BBQ’s, Paella, or photo booths. There are a number of tricks to having food trucks that we can help you with, to have a successful food truck experience.

Can we provide our own wine, beer, champagne and hard liquor?
Yes. Clients may host their own beverage service for the event, including liquor, with no corkage fee or minimum purchase. Properly licensed and insured staff, usually provided by your caterer, is required for all bartending services. Please check our Blog for tips about the amount of beverages to provide for your sized group.

What is the timing for events?
We open the gate at 9AM. Vendors typically arrive around noon. The seven-hour event time starts at 3PM and goes until 10PM.

Can our event continue past 10 PM?
Yes. We offer late hours, until 2AM, for an additional fee. Even though our neighbors are 1/4 mile away, and the bandstand is sited in such a way to contain the music, we do ask that after 10PM the music is kept to a reasonable level. Our goal is to have the sound level, when measured at our neighbor’s homes, kept to a 55 db.

Can we have a rehearsal dinner, or farewell brunch, at the Estate?
Yes. And when you do, the fee charged for the extra day, includes overnight use of the the rooms, so that you and your guests can stay at the Estate. (Limited to 12 people)

Is the Mountain House Estate a private property?
Yes. The Estate is not open to the public. Your event will not be interrupted by the public looking for a tasting room, picnic area, or bathrooms. We are located in an area that’s similar to what Napa and Sonoma Valley were in the 1950’s. Our location is in the rural Yorkville Highlands wine country. You won’t find the Napa Valley tourist traffic jams, and the high Napa Valley prices here.

Can we have an ‘after party’?
Yes – sort of. Indeed you can go until 2am, but once the event is over, the Vendors must complete their responsibilities before they leave the property. However you don’t want to have to pay for all the Vendors staying for the entire party. Therefore, we’ve come up with a solution. The main catering staff can do a majority of the clean up between 9pm and 11pm. A skeleton crew, along with your Planner, Bartenders and Security remain to assist with the party, and clean up at the end.

Is there room for a tent or shade structure?
Yes. The lawn can accommodate a 40‘x50’ shade structure and there are multiple areas for tents up to 60‘x90’.

What is included in the Site Fee?
Chairs, tables, bar stools, barrels, umbrellas, lighting, sound systems, multiple indoor bathrooms, lounge furniture, and more. Please see the Site Information, for a more detailed list.

What is the maximum capacity?
Outdoors: 250 seated at tables. Indoors: 120 seated at tables, 150 seated in chairs without tables in the Great Room. Our maximum indoor occupancy is 249 persons

Does Mountain House Estate do Elopements?
Yes. Working with professionals in the area, we offer a ‘traditional elopement’ package for 10 or less, or what is referred to as a ‘modern elopement’ for up to 50 people. The package can be customized to include any specific elements that you desire.

Is the Estate handicapped accessible?
Yes, the property, and bathrooms are handicapped accessible.

Is there lodging?
Yes, the Estate does offer overnight accommodations for up to 12 guests that are only available to the couple. This way the couple controls who can stay onsite. In the immediate area there are multiple VRBO accommodations, and Cloverdale has multiple motels. Although it’s a little further distance, we recommend the Dry Creek Inn, Best Western in Healdsburg, 707-433-0300, and ask for Sarah. They will offer you discounts on blocks of rooms and shuttle services.

Does the Estate have fun, unique features for photographers?
Yes, we take pride in having multiple features and areas for wedding photographers to use to create fun, classic, romantic photos of your special day. Besides the huge rocks, gardens, trees and fields, we’ve installed special custom details. How about a 1932 Ford truck with wine barrels, a windmill, or a 1941 Ford tractor? One of our barns features a paint patina, hubcap collection. The other barn was built from reclaimed redwood that was first installed in the 1800’s. Just let your photographer know if you’d like down to earth country photos, garden shots with lots of flowers, or elegant and romantic photographs. Oh, I almost forgot, and we have a small vineyard here on the property, and a larger one next door for vineyard and winery pictures.

How did Mountain House Estate get it’s name?
The Estate is located at the crest of the mountain pass between Alexander and Anderson Valley. Although an elevation of 1,220’ doesn’t compare with the Sierra’s elevations, it is 1,000’+- above the Russian River, Healdsburg, Geyserville, Napa, Sonoma, and Santa Rosa. The area was given it’s name in the 1800’s by the original settlers and the complete story can be found under the History tab on this website.

What time of events can be held at Mountain House Estate?
Weddings, ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners, vow renewal, reunions, company events, retirement parties, birthday parties, Christmas parties, Traditional Elopements, quinceaneras, Modern Elopements, small weddings, corporate events, and more!

Was Mountain House Estate affected by the Sonoma County fires?
No. The closest fire was over 15 miles away, on the east side of Alexander Valley. Traveling north on Hwy 101, once you pass Santa Rosa, you will find it difficult to even see the fire damage in northern Sonoma County.

Is Mountain House Estate a legally permitted wedding venue?
Yes. The Estate was conceived, designed and constructed to be a wedding and event venue. Prior to obtaining a building permit, a Major Use Permit UR 2014-0006, expiring in 2034, was obtained from the County. In addition, the Estate is licensed and insured.

But why is this important to you? Some (more than you would expect) venues do not have the necessary permits to operate legally, putting you, your guests, and your event, at risk. There have been a number of sites closed down by governmental agencies because they did not have the necessary Use, Building or Operation permits, or, were operating in excess of what their limited permits allowed. Many Use Permits specify how many people (including vendors) can be on a property, or how many events the property is allowed to host in a given time period. Violation of those rules can result in revocation of the permits, and cancellation of your event.

The closures do not happen with prior warning. The fact that a client has paid for, and is preparing for, an event, is of no consequence. It’s always sad when we get calls from couples looking for a new venue because the one they contracted with has been closed down. A number of times, the callers have informed us that they didn’t expect to get their money back.