How Allseated Helps your Wedding Planning

at Mountain House Estate

Planning The Seating For Your Wedding

To help you plan your event, Mountain House Estate has teamed up with All Seated so that you, your wedding planner, and wedding caterer, may create a chair, table and guest seating layout perfect for your wedding.

Within Allseated, the spaces you will use for your event (ballroom, lawn, patio and bar) are shown to scale so that you can choose the placement of your tables and chairs.  You can even design your tablescape specifying what you want on the tables (wedding cake, guest book, wedding presents), and plan table top designs and buffet displays.

Once you’ve created your floor plan, you can create a guest list, track RSVP’s,  keep notes to share with your caterer to accommodate specific dietary requests, and create a seating chart.

Although the capabilities of Alseated are rather robust, it’s very easy to use and learn.

Ready To Get Started?

  1. Open Allseated and click the Sign In  button on the top right corner.  This will take you to the page where you can start your account.
  2. Select the Host option from the menu, as you are hosting your wedding and reception.
  3. Using your email and password, create your account.
  4. After the welcome, select “New Event”, choose the event type, give your event a name (ex: My Fabulous Wedding), and pick the date of your events.  Then click “Create Event”.  Some couples will create multiple events for different portions of their wedding celebration – ceremony, reception, dancing.
  5. In the next window, you’ll fill in the boxes with details about your wedding.  Here you can keep track of your vendors.  You can also add your timeline.
  6. In the next window, select your newly created event.
  7. Click on “Add Venue” and type in “Mountain House Estate”
  8. Using the tabs at the top, click the “Seating” option, and select new under the floorplans.
  9. Click “Finish” at the bottom to save your event.
  10. Once your floor plan is ready, use the drop down menu to select “View”, and from there, you can select venue objects.

If all else fails, Allseated has a convenient “Live Chat” button to use for immediate assistance.  We’ve found All Seated’s “Tutorials” to be helpful when we get lost.

Tips on Table Sizes and Seating

Here are some helpful tips when planning your table and chair layout:

  • A 60” round table will comfortably accommodate 8 people.
  • A 72” round table will comfortably accommodate 10 people
  • Banquet tables will comfortably accommodate one person per foot of length (ex 6’ table = 6 people, 8’ table = 8 people)
  • To make it easy to navigate between tables, allow 4’ between a table and any obstruction (wall, planter) and 5’ between two tables.

Mountain House Estate provides you the following items for your use:

  • 150 White Resin Folding Chairs with padded seat
  • 15 – 60” round tables (seat 8 people)
  • 3 – 72” round tables (seat 10 people)
  •  5 – 8’ x 30” rectangular banquet tables (seat 8 people)
  • 15 – 6’ x 30” rectangular banquet tables (seat 6 people)
  • 4 – 4’ x 24” rectangular tables guest book, cake, displays, or sweetheart table)
  • 5 – 30” round by 42.5” tall cocktail tables
  • 15 – 18” x 8’ conference tables
  • 1 – 18” x 6’ conference table
  • 18 wine barrels that can be used as décor or cocktail tables
  • 10 market umbrellas on mobile bases
  • 2 fire pits (propane provided)
  • 5-piece metal lounge furniture
  • 3-piece wicker furniture set + metal coffee table

Need More or Different Items?

We’ve intentionally used the same items you’re able to rent from Encore Event Rentals  This way, if you need to add something, your guests won’t be able to see a difference between what Encore has provided and what we’ve provided in-house for your use.

But Encore also has other options for you to consider, and couples have made creative combinations – perhaps the head table is a wooden farm table with wooden bistro cross back chairs.  Chiavari chairs of varying finishes are also available.  Another idea we’ve seen is having the couple enjoy some of Encore’s padded chairs – the choice is all yours.

Guest List And Seating Chart

Allseated has quick tutorial videos to help you plan your guest list and the seating at your wedding.  Using Allseated as a guest list management tool will help you organize and keep track who’s coming, and where they’ll be sitting.

Make Sure To Share

Go to the tab “Seating” and save the layout as a pdf.  Then, you can email it as an attachment to your wedding planner and caterer.  You can also invite your planner and caterer into the event you’ve created, as they may have advice. They want to do a good job for you, and understand what they need to do so.  And don’t forget to invite us!

Once you’ve completed your seating plan, you can use it to make sure you have enough linens, of the right size and colors. TIP: Always make sure to order some extras – things happen.

On your wedding day, you are going to be busy having fun.  By creating the wedding seating chart ahead of time, your wedding planner and their staff can know where to place the name cards, how to arrange the tables and chairs, without troubling you during your preparation for the Big Event!

FINAL TIP: As mentioned, things happen… It’s always a good idea to create a “Plan B” layout for your event, and maybe even a “Plan C”.  It’s wise to have options, just in case.

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