After your wedding day is over, nothing will serve as a sentimental remembrance of the day better than a guestbook.

Although the guestbook isn’t as critical as the photos, it’s still pretty important to many couples. Through a guestbook, you allow your guests to express their warm wishes and marital advice

The guestbook is something you’ll look back on for many years to come. Although not mandatory, it’s advisable to have one for memory’s sake. The type of guestbook to use at a wedding depends on a couple’s preferences. 

You could buy a ready-made guestbook, or you could customize one, borrowing inspiration from various sources. For a DIY guestbook, here are some creative ideas to guide you. 

Wood Sign Board Guest Book

Instead of the traditional paper guestbook, give your guest something different and unique. A sizable wooden guest book where they can leave their signatures will later serve as a beautiful wall hanging. You can easily make the signboard before the wedding and ensure the surface is smooth. 

Alternatively, you can get a handmade signboard recycled from real bourbon barrels. For a more artistic effect, get a signpost that has a circular or heart shape.  

You also need to provide your guest with a writing pen whose ink won’t come off with time.

 An Acrylic Box

Do you have a tropical wedding theme and you’d like to complete it with a DIY guestbook? A tropical wedding theme features bright colors drawn from a vibrant wedding palette. The colors are inspired by an escape to the tropical islands.

An acrylic box will perfectly accentuate your island-inspired décor if you decorate it with monster, palm leaves and include your creative wedding hashtags too.

Your guests will fill out advice cards, mad-lib cards, or write personal notes and drop them in the box. 

Date Night Jar

Celebrating your wedding and exchanging vows with your loved one shouldn’t mark the end of your date nights. In any case, one of the best ways to keep the spark glowing throughout your marriage is to date your partner often. 

Get a cute jar and decorate it with calligraphic wordings of your choice. Ask your guests to share their date night ideas with you and put them in the jar. 

Vintage-Style Postcards

You can create vintage-style postcards and incorporate them into your wedding reception. Your guests will write their notes and expressions at the back of these postcards. 

Borrow the inspiration for such postcards from botanical stationeries. These are wedding-related stationery with greenery and floral prints. As an upcoming trend, you can expect to see it more often.

The good thing with these postcards is that they’re pretty and large enough to hang on walls after the wedding. 

Wishing Stones

Are you a nature lover and do you know where you can get some polished rocks? They are an excellent idea for a DIY guestbook. You may also go for agate stones that your guests will sign. Make a decorative piece of art from the rocks by displaying them in a glass vase. 

You may also add them to your backyard garden

Foil-Pressed Guest Book

Stand out from the crowd by marking your big day with a logo. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to achieve this unique artwork. Look for a website that specializes in branded supplies and upload your choice of artwork. 

They’ll stamp it into a guestbook for you in gold foil. This is an effective and simple way to customize your guestbook and is perfect even for couples without craft skills. 

You can borrow this artwork idea to brand pretty much everything at your wedding. 

Conversation-Starter Guest Book

If you want a thought-provoking guestbook, pose some specific questions to your guests. They’ll serve as dinner table icebreakers at the evening dinner party. 

It’ll be interesting to read the answers your guests write down. Turn the guestbook into a keepsake, and you can even display it in your home library. It’ll be interesting to go back to the book and re-read the contents on every anniversary. 

Washi-Tape Guest Book

Present your loved ones with something fun to do while signing your guestbook. An interactive scrapbook will come in handy to help achieve this effect. Set out a pair of scissors, a stack of blank cards trimmed with pinking shears, and tape. 

Fix a note on the first page of the guest book with your thoughts about your big day. This will beckon your guests to do the same. 

When you look around you, there are plenty of DIY guestbook ideas you can use. Whatever one you choose, let it be something you’ll live to treasure forever.

Final Thoughts

While thinking of your wedding invitation cards, don’t forget your wedding guest book. This is where your guests and loved ones will leave their warm wishes and advice for a good marriage ahead. You can buy a ready-made book or create one for yourself, drawing inspiration from various sources.