Why Playing Games Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Top 10 Fun Game Options for Soon-To-Be Married Couples

Below are some of the best games to play, including top romantic couple games for an at-home date night. Some of them are more challenging than others, but all of them are fun games. Try a few out for your next date night and let us know what your ultimate game choice is.


Overcooked is a great game for couples with a cooperative gameplay mode. It is best played with two people, and it’s easy to play even if you don’t have much experience playing before.

In this game, the goal is to cook as many dishes as possible while avoiding obstacles like running out of time or ingredients! The interesting thing about Overcooked is that players can also sabotage each other…who doesn’t love a little friendly competition?


Monaco is a video game with a competitive multiplayer mode. It is a great game for couples and is best played with two people. It’s one of the easiest games to play.

In Monaco, the goal is to steal stuff from other players while avoiding obstacles like guards! One player assumes the role of “The Mastermind” who plans out each character’s moves.

The other player, playing as the “Thief,” has to do everything else. The Mastermind can see a top-down view of the board and points out places that would be good for guards to stand or wherever it is they want to have players steal from.

The Thief’s job is more complex – they need to figure out how each character should move without knowing exactly where all of the other players are standing! The best part about Monaco is that it doesn’t take long at all before you’re able to plan moves with your partner so well that not even those pesky guards will stop you from stealing big time.

lara croft guardian games for couples

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is a side-scrolling puzzle game that is free to play. The downside of the game is that there may be difficult puzzles and you need multiple controllers, but if you have someone handy then this can work well for couples who want something different from their usual games night.

The Guardian of Light has an interesting mechanic where one player needs to light up a room while another tries not to move too much so they don’t attract enemies or get hit. This makes it fun because there are two perspectives going on at once.

-Two people playing at once (you and your partner)

-One controller per person (one player controls Lara Croft by walking around)

-Gameplay requires both players to solve puzzles together in order to progress through levels

portal 2 games for couples

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a video game that includes a two-player cooperative mode. Portal is an alternate reality game in which the player navigates two characters, one male and one female. The puzzles involve using portals to redirect lasers into buttons that open doors or advance levels. It has been praised for its compelling story and humor despite being a puzzle video game with no pre-determined narrative.

bomberman games for couples


Bomberman is a video game that has been around for a long time and is still popular, in part because it’s so easy to play. You play as the character Bomberman who bombards his enemies with bombs from above. It can be played by up to four players simultaneously on one screen (a little chaotic) or online against someone else.

The visuals are simple but there are plenty of power-ups you can collect that give you temporary abilities such as being able to drop more bombs at once, throwing out smaller “stick” bombs, and much more!

The game doesn’t really have any story other than what I just described, which is good if all you want to do is enjoy some quick fun without thinking too hard about complicated objectives; however, the downside is that you may find yourself wanting something more after a while.

The goal of the game is to eliminate your opponents by strategically planting bombs in their way, but with so many power-ups you can collect during gameplay, it’s almost just as fun trying out new combinations and watching what happens!

It might not be flashy or offer much depth, but this classic will never go away because there are still plenty of people who want games that they don’t have to think too hard about.

mario kart games for couples

Mario Kart

Mario Kart is a timeless, classic video game. It’s a racing game where players collect power-ups and take down other racers. But this game needs no introduction, right? Here’s the thing – if you’re in a relationship with someone who is competitive, this game would be perfect.

One player takes on an “evil” role as they try to keep their opponents from winning by sabotaging them and stealing power-ups! But it isn’t all bad because when one of your partners wins the game, you can still celebrate!

The general gameplay of Mario Kart has unlimited replayability. You and your partner can play this game together for years to come without getting tired of it! If you’re looking for a fun couple’s video game, this is the one.

nidhogg games for couples


Nidhogg is a video game that pits two players against one another. Play alternates between the two, with each player attempting to kill their opponent in a sword fight. It sounds simple enough but becomes much more complicated when the screen is scrolling horizontally and you have to jump over obstacles while trying not to get hit by your opponents’ bullets or arrows.

Nidhogg has no health bar; instead, it takes three hits before death occurs – if you take too long getting back from dying once, then that counts as an additional death. The game also features upgradeable weapons (which are melee only) that can be bought at shops around its levels for coins won through combat and completing challenges like riding along on top of a giant worm boss for about 20 seconds without being thrown.

keep talking games for couples

Keep Talking, and Nobody Explodes

The game requires two players to work together in order to defuse a bomb before time runs out, with one person on the computer looking at instructions and the other talking them through it.

It is played primarily by speaking or using text chat; no-audio mode can be enabled for lower bandwidth situations such as public transport where having background noise would otherwise disrupt others.

This game is a great way for couples who live far apart from each other to spend quality time together. The best couples games provide an opportunity for partners not only to share their lives but also fulfill some of life’s most important relationships – that between friends and family members.

lovers dangerous spacetime games for couples

Lovers In a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is the ultimate game that is difficult to master with two players. You control a spaceship, have to avoid enemies while defending your ship and collecting the essence of love.

This game has been featured in online gaming publications such as Kotaku for its unique gameplay features and how it can be played co-op or single-player.

until dawn games for couples

Until Dawn

Until Dawn is a fun game that brings you a story of your choosing. The game is played out just like an episode of the American television show “Lost” with its multiple timelines and various plot twists to keep players on their toes – but instead, it’s all happening in this video game for couples!

The main conflict revolves around eight friends who are trying to escape from a mountain lodge after being attacked by creatures until dawn breaks.

There are many different endings that depend on how well or poorly both characters do. If they’re too far apart then only one can survive while the other gets killed off. It also depends on choices made throughout the journey such as deciding whether or not to shoot someone in self-defense.

Why Play Games?

Maybe you’ve played a drinking game or card game together, but video games are a fun way to transport you into a whole new world. There are also tons of romantic game choices out there that are perfect for date night.

Playing Video Games Together Will Keep Your Relationship Strong 

A wide variety of video games force you to work as a team, something many people aren’t very good at doing, unfortunately. The good news is that you can work together without any real fear of failure since there’s nothing on the line or being risked.

For example, in the video game Portal 2, you and your partner are forced to depend on each other. The skill level that each of you has is not essential, whereas working together definitely is.

Many couples have seen their relationship becomes healthier (or stays strong) thanks to playing games together. Of course, playing against your spouse is always a lot of fun too! (You can blow them to smithereens with no real ethical or moral dilemma.)

The average video game is a two-player game or more. It’s more fun, more exciting, and more interesting that way, especially if you have to work together towards a common goal to win the game. Plus, there are a wide variety of games for every type of personality. Some focus more on adventures or are fun conversation starters, while others focus more on strategy.

Some give you puzzles to solve, quests, or problem-solving skills to complete.

In the end, what they all do is give you obstacles to overcome, and if you crush them together as a couple, it can really strengthen your bonds, supports a healthy relationship (and sex life), and keep you forever in wedded bliss

Diving Into A Story Together Can Be Very Rewarding as a Couple

Psychologists have suggested that exploring something together can create incredibly strong bonds between you and your mate-to-be. It creates a real sense of camaraderie as you share experiences, and those experiences become part of the shared history that makes you an actual married couple.

Games Help You To Communicate and Problem Solve

No matter how you slice it, communication is essential in any relationship, especially a marriage. When a married couple can speak freely, openly, and honestly, their relationship will have no other choice than to become extremely strong and stable.

Playing Games Encourages You To Encourage Each Other

When you’re playing a video game, you guys have to look out for each other. Encouraging them through the game, especially when things get complicated, is part and parcel of playing. Your partner will also encourage you to keep going, support you when the game gets tough, and celebrate when you win!

While You Play, You Create Wonderful Memories

Many people are seriously “into” video games and feel emotions while playing. Shock, happiness, laughter, and loss are all part of the game, Experiences that you won’t soon forget. You can really understand your partners mind better when you play together.

Also, when you have these experiences together, your relationship gets all the more robust for it. Not only will you make memories, but you’ll also be able to play different characters (role play?) and explore your partner’s mind. If your love language is time spent together, games are great for date nights.

We wish you and your partner the best date night (and many more video game nights to come!)

As you will undoubtedly find out very soon, a marriage is a partnership, and, as with all partnerships, there’s always going to a fair amount of give-and-take. When you play games together, you give and take quite a bit (which is great for practice).

So if you’re into gaming but your spouse-to-be isn’t, maybe let them read this article and show them how much good they can do. In any case, we wish you all the best with your marriage and all the fun and video games you can handle!

BONUS: Here are some of the best board games for you two

Okay, so maybe the power is out or you’re going to grandmas house for the weekend to introduce your partner. Board games, solving puzzles, and card games are other great ways to bond and have a great time together! they’re also great conversation starters. I guess you could always play truth or dare or two truths and a lie if you forget the board games at home and want to spice things up! Strip Scrabble, anyone? Kidding, we know you’d rather have a scavenger hunt, treasure hunt, sushi meal, or watch your favorite movies with your romantic partner.

Pictionary – a classic game

In this board game, one player has to draw pictures for the others (without showing his/her cards) and describe what’s on them. The other players have to guess what he is drawing.

This game helps you get closer because you can discuss how each card was drawn, which could lead to a discussion about your childhood memories or whatever else is important for you two. It also encourages communication skills as well as creativity!


Bananagrams is a fun game for those logophiles out there! who love words. The game is based on Scrabble, but you don’t use a board or letters; instead, you just spell out the word and rearrange tiles to form anagrams.

This game encourages creativity as well as some good old-fashioned fun! It’s also great for couples because it stimulates communication skills (especially when playing competitively).

Monopoly Deal, Lego Games, and Exploding Kittens (a beloved card game) are popular games that also get an honorable mention.