Bonita was working as a nurse at the Red Cross donation center in Oakland while Mike was attending UC Berkeley, Mike would go in to donate platelets and plasma regularly but was immediately attracted to Bonita, not just her physical features but her bubbly personality and genuine compassion. After 9 months of regularly donating, Mike finally asked Bonita on a date and they became a couple very shortly after. They dated for about 15 months when Mike proposed during the Cal bowl game at Levi’s Stadium on December 30th 2019.

Planner: Tara Ybarra
Caterer: Elaine Bell
Bakery: Elaine Bell
Staffing: Elaine Bell
Bartending: Elaine Bell
Photo Booth: Fun Frames Photo
Photography: Lily Rose Photography
Flowers: Gina’s Floral Enchantment
Officiant: Zach Vestnys