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outdoor garden wedding venues northern California

Gorgeous Outdoor Ceremonies at Our outdoor garden wedding venues Northern California

We have talked about Mountain House Estate wedding ceremonies at our incredible Oak Tree Terrace, but that is not the only location option available for an outdoor wedding ceremony at our venue. Our incredible front lawn is a beautifully manicured space, surrounded by flower beds mature shade, and evergreen trees. In one direction you see our rustic barn, while the other direction offers sweeping views of the property as well as our pond with koi, goldfish and a floating lighted fountain.

Our front lawn is a large blank canvass for creating the wedding ceremony of your dreams. A large number of our couples choose to have their wedding ceremonies facing the pond. We have seen a wide variety of décor and ceremony structures to mark the space where couples will exchange their wedding vows.

Arbors of every size, shape, and color can be used to make your wedding ceremony a reflection of you. Rustic barrels topped with beautiful flowers can add a beautiful pop of color to the beginning of your aisle, or simply add some floral touches.

We have had quite a few couples choose to center their wedding ceremony in the middle of the lawn, opting for a ceremony in the round.

We have even had couples choose to face our beautiful rustic barn to exchange their wedding vows.

Regardless of what direction you choose to face for your wedding ceremony, our front lawn is yours to personalize. Large umbrellas and parasols can offer shade for your wedding guests while offering pashminas is a beautiful touch for weddings in colder weather.

Gorgeous Outdoor Ceremonies Abound – And It’s Completely Your Choice at Our outdoor garden wedding venues Northern California

No matter what you choose, we’re proud to offer you so many options so that you get it just right on your wedding day. No matter the season of your wedding, you’re guaranteed to have a magical, rustic vibe.

outdoor garden wedding venues Northern California

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