What’s Included

View and download the site information for Mountain House Estate.

When planning a wedding, there are a lot of decisions to make. One of the first choices you will need to make is where to have the wedding.

Those decisions continue once the venue has been selected. Everything from the large decisions about where the Ceremony will be and how it will look, to location for the first dance, where the dinner will be, and how are beverages served. And then you get into the details – is there a place for the Caterer to set up with lights, water and enough power outlets? Does the DJ have a place to set up? Are there enough make up stations for the wedding party? Are there enough toilets to accommodate my guests? And many more.

At Mountain House Estate, we’ve thought about all the details. As a private estate wedding venue we’ve made certain to include numerous features to make the day fun and stress free. The Site Information list provides information about the details you may be considering, and how we’ve made sure to remove those worries from your wedding planning list.

We’ve also made certain to provide a lot of value to our couples by including many features that can be costly to rent at other locations. Tables and chairs, lighting, bar with beer taps and wine refrigerator, bathrooms for parties up to 250 people, kitchens, bandstand, preparation rooms, parking lots with lighting, and much more. Many couples find that our landscaping provides so much color, that they save money on florals.

The information about the property can be used as a useful reference when considering multiple venues. We encourage you to download the .pdf as a reminder of what you’ll find at Mountain House Estate. Take this list with you when looking at other venues, as a checklist to make sure they have everything you need in order to design your own unique and custom wine country wedding and guest experience.