Why You Should Bundle Your Photo and Video For Your Wedding

It may be difficult to schedule and oversee all of the vendors involved in organizing a wedding. The list of services you require might seem infinite and includes anything from photographers to videographers to DJs. However, combining your wedding services with one vendor has several advantages that [Read More]

Zero Waste Wedding Reception Ideas

Beautiful Zero-Waste Wedding Reception Ideas Congratulations, you’re getting married! If you are planning your big day, but dreading the amount of waste your reception might create, don’t panic. You can have your dream wedding even if you are environmentally conscious. From borrowing your bridal earrings and wedding dress to [Read More]

Extraordinary Small Wedding Reception Ideas

So you're getting married and want to have a small wedding, that's great! A small wedding can be a beautiful, intimate event. It's unique and personal, with less of the stress that comes with planning a traditional wedding. When you invite fewer guests and have a smaller guest list, [Read More]

Questions to Ask a Venue Before Taking a Tour

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Find the Perfect Wedding Color Palette

What colors should you pick for your wedding? It's a question we all ask ourselves at some point. The answer is not always straightforward, and there are so many factors to consider: What will the dress look like? Will it be outside or inside-themed? Is your favorite color purple, [Read More]