Choose an Event Location that is “Venue Only”

How Some Wedding Venues Aren’t All the Meets the Eye Read on for personal stories, accounts, and more information about how some wedding venues can go so wrong. All wedding venues have their pros and cons.  But most of the cons are hidden until your wedding is in progress [Read More]

Alcohol Recommendations for Your Wedding

We want you to have a stress-free wedding at our Sonoma County Wedding Venue. We want you to have a spectacular wedding with beautiful memories and, most importantly, no drama. Unfortunately, we’ve had dozens of weddings here where there was drama – things you’d never think of – and 90% of [Read More]

5 Big Advantages of Tiny Weddings and Small Wedding Venues

A micro wedding could be your dream wedding. Micro wedding packages at small wedding venues aren’t going away anytime soon. Many people abandon the idea that a wedding must be a big production. It’s trendy for couples to elope and have a small wedding that is more intimate and [Read More]