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Wedding websites are a great way to save time and stress as you spread the word about your upcoming event. Your website should provide your loved ones with all of the information they’ll need before attending, like what type of dress code is appropriate for an evening wedding or whether it’s ok if kids come along.

The most important part of hosting a wedding is making sure your guests know everything they need to. When you’re designing your wedding website, you should put an FAQ on there with all the essential information!

Are you looking for some guidelines? Please keep reading to find out what we recommend you include on your wedding website FAQ and why.

Where is your wedding taking place?

One of the most important things to remember when planning a wedding is making sure that you have all your logistical details in order. You may want to include directions and maps so guests can find their way or give them contact information for anyone who might need help finding something on-site at any time. Also, include a timeframe of your ceremony and reception, so they know when to arrive and what to expect.

Your guests need to know what is happening before and after your ceremony so they can plan accordingly. For example, will cocktails be served at the reception location following the proceedings? Will there be food or drinks available for them during their downtime between ceremonies as well?

Your guest’s day should flow smoothly by letting them know exactly where to go next.

How do they get to the wedding venue?

Transport and logistics will be another crucial question from your guests. Will they need to make their way to the ceremony, or have you organized shuttle buses for them?

Several considerations should come into play when organizing transportation, so if parking is limited on-site or guests plan to imbibe, it might be a good idea to encourage guests to carpool with other attendees. Alternatively, organize bus services for those not able/willing enough drive by providing clear meeting points and times both pick up (to collect) as well as drop-offs (when returning home).

What is the timeline for the day?

You know as well as we do that wedding planning can be stressful. There’s a lot of planning to do, and it helps if you’re on the same page with your vendors. That includes knowing when everything starts! This is where things get tricky: You don’t want guests showing up for dinner at 8 pm only because they weren’t aware the reception was from 5-7 pm. To make things easier, give them plenty of time by providing an accurate timeline, so nobody feels like they missed out! But if you don’t have all of the details ironed out yet, at a minimum, include the ceremony start time, reception start time, and reception end time.

What is the dress code?

Setting a dress code will help your loved ones choose a suitable outfit for the big day. Nobody wants to feel over or underdressed on their wedding day – so be sure to specify this in an FAQ section and send them links with examples when possible!

For example, Ladies, please keep in mind that the reception will be taking place on a grassy field, so you might want to bring some flip-flops (no Crocs, please!). Also, don’t forget your jacket because dinner is being hosted outside!

4 The Top 16 Questions You Need to Answer on Your Wedding Website FAQ

Where is your gift registry?

The future of weddings is so low-key! There should be no pressure or obligation to give gifts at weddings, so keep this in mind when you’re writing your website. Make it clear that giving a gift is optional for those who choose to do so! If there are items you want on your registry, be sure to mark them as “gifts” instead of “wishes.”

Here are some examples you can draw inspiration from for your wording:

If you create an online wedding registry: “Your presence at our wedding reception in attendance enough! But if you are inclined to get us a gift, we are registered at (website registry link) and would be over the moon if you wanted to gift us!”

If you have a wishing well (literally a pot to drop cash/checks into 🤑): “Our wish is for you to be there with us on the happiest day of our lives. And if you want to do something more, a contribution toward our wishing well would be greatly appreciated!” 

If you prefer a charity/donation: “If you’re looking to show your support for us by gifting us, we appreciate the gesture, but have more than we need for this new chapter in our life! We would be grateful if you donated to our favorite charities! We have listed the charities below, and it’s up to whichever one speaks most powerfully with you.”

If you prefer no gifts whatsoever: “We are happy to have everything we need, so please don’t feel obligated to gift us! Just bring yourself and your dancing shoes- it’ll be more than enough!”

How do they RSVP?

While RSVP requests should (hopefully!) be clear from invitations sent by mail or email, it’s still best practice to have them online, too – just if something goes wrong with their delivery method. Ensure you outline precisely how people need to respond when submitting their responses and deadlines for receiving responses, if applicable.

2 The Top 16 Questions You Need to Answer on Your Wedding Website FAQ

Are their kids welcome?

You can use your website to set some expectations around delicate topics like kids. Whether you have a child-free wedding or exceptions in place (e.g., newborns, children over 16), make sure that the wording on your FAQ page is tactful and well thought out not to offend anyone who may be reading it!

Here are some tactful examples to help you word this:

We know you love kids, and to be honest, so do we. But our wedding will be a 16+ event. We hope this notice is enough time for you to make other arrangements and celebrate with us!”

“We don’t want you to miss out on our party, but sadly we can only have kids 16 and up at the venue. Hopefully, this will give you a chance for a much-deserved night off!”

Check out our blog on inviting kids to your wedding here.

3 The Top 16 Questions You Need to Answer on Your Wedding Website FAQ

Can they bring a plus one?

Come on, who doesn’t like a plus one? We get it. Your guests want to bring somebody with them, and that’s understandable! But if you’re tight on budget or don’t want guests bringing random guests (like their Tinder hook-up from two weeks ago), you can word it in a polite way that takes the emotion out of it.

Here are some examples if you don’t want your guests to bring a plus one:

“We’ll be honest: we have a strict limit on the number of people who are allowed at our venue for each event, and budget-wise, it’s one guest per invited person. Thank you for understanding.”

“Thank you for your RSVP. Unfortunately, we are at capacity and cannot accommodate more guests on the big day, so please accept our sincere apologies! We’re looking forward to celebrating with you soon, though!”

What’s your wedding hashtag?

If your guests are planning on posting anything from the wedding day to social media sites like Facebook or Instagram and would appreciate some guidance – be sure they have this info in your FAQ section!

Be sure to share details about any hashtags or Snapchat filters you have planned. You should outline your specific requests for photos and mention if your ceremony is “unplugged” or other restrictions that need to be followed, such as waiting to post pictures from the ceremony/reception until midnight, etc.

Are there any other wedding events they can attend (bridal shower, etc.)?

Let your wedding guests know about any pre or post-wedding events that they can attend, such as a party, before and after your wedding day. You should only include events where everyone is invited – don’t share details regarding smaller, more intimate parties like bachelor and bachelorette celebrations!

1 The Top 16 Questions You Need to Answer on Your Wedding Website FAQ

Who should they contact if they have other questions?

It’s essential to have someone on hand who knows all of the answers for you and your guests. Keep it simple by delegating that responsibility to your planner, your partner, or one of your bridesmaids.

Do you have a hotel block for your guests? Where do you recommend they stay?

If you’re planning a destination wedding or a “local” destination wedding, you may find it helpful to recommend a hotel or accommodation for your guests. The venue can provide suggestions (we do!), but you could go about this yourself – from finding the closest accommodations on Google Maps and providing links or even recommending Airbnb listings!

Do you have great recommendations for cafes, restaurants, museums, points of interest, and activities?

Planning a local destination wedding You can help your guests by sharing some of the best things to do around the wedding venue, such as restaurants, cafes, parks, museums, wine tasting rooms, etc. It’ll ensure that they have the best time possible and can make the experience even more fun!

P.S. – here are our local recommendations :)

0 The Top 16 Questions You Need to Answer on Your Wedding Website FAQ

BONUS: 7 Post-Covid Questions to Answer on Your Wedding Website

As of 2022, there are still Covid restrictions in some states. So, this section of this blog might end up outdated at some point in the future, but for now, it’s still a good idea to answer some basic questions for your wedding guests.

How many guests will be attending?

If your wedding is happening during COVID-19 times, guests will want to know about the size of your wedding. Will it be a huge wedding with over 200 people attending or a small gathering with just you and those nearest and dearest? Your guest numbers may help them decide on attendance plans, so it’s a good idea to be upfront about this early on!

Will you encourage social distancing?

You want your guests to enjoy themselves and have a great time, so they all must know the rules for social distancing. Your wedding website FAQs are a perfect place to remind them of safety guidelines on event day!

You could say something like:

“We are so excited that everyone is coming to our wedding! With the guidelines in place, we respectfully ask you not to shake hands with guests outside of your household and refrain from hugging them as well. We have also made a seating plan based on COVID-19 restrictions for dinner time – all those seated at one table will be close friends or relatives.”

Do they need to wear a mask?

Masks are a hot topic these days, and for a good reason. It can be difficult not to wonder if they should come with your wedding invitation—or maybe even mandatory? This boils down to state guidelines as well as your personal preferences.

You could say something like:

“We know you’re excited about the wedding, and we want to provide a comfortable experience. However, due to some important restrictions in place, all guests will be required to wear masks! The best part? We have those handy dandy masks right inside our venue – so they are always at arm’s reach – or feel free to bring one from home!).”

We know that not everyone may want to wear a mask at our wedding, but we completely respect those who do. We won’t be providing masks for guests, though, so if you do want to wear one, please bring your own (bonus points if it’s a stylish mask!!”

What safety measures will be taken on your wedding day?

As well as addressing critical questions regarding masks and distancing, you can also take this opportunity to share any additional safety precautions you’ll be taking on the day.

For example – will food and drink be served in a way that reduces the spread of germs? Will there be hand sanitizer available? Go ahead and outline steps taken to plan a COVID-safe event for your guests, so they have some extra reassurance before attending!

What safety measures will be taken on your wedding day?

Planning for a pandemic wedding is so much more than just picking the perfect colors and figuring out what flowers to order! After all, any changes could mean postponing your special day, reducing your guest count, requiring masks, and who knows what else! Make sure you have a system in place to update guests with any new and sudden changes – via your website and email.

Will live streaming options be available if they can’t be there?

Live streaming your wedding is a thoughtful way to share more of your wedding celebration with guests who can’t attend in person. With some information from you, make sure that everyone at home can feel comfortable watching!

Many people are excited about attending a virtual wedding – they might not have been invited, or they’re at risk and need help feeling connected while staying away from crowds due to their illness. A live streaming option is a perfect way to be inclusive and thoughtful. Include as much information as you can about your live streaming option, including where & when to tune in.

When is the last date they can RSVP?

Some guests may not be able to RSVP as soon as you would like. Remember that people who live interstate or abroad often take a bit longer to reply than those closer by. This can put you in an awkward position because the reception venue and caterers need to know how many are coming at least two weeks before your wedding date so they can plan accordingly.

You could say something like:

“We understand that it can be difficult for some people to make decisions around dates- especially as time goes on – so we’ve created an FAQ section about how long before the big day they should respond (and what happens if their response is late).”

Planning a wedding is hard enough, but the last thing you want to worry about is bombarding questions from your guests. COVID FAQs can be addressed on websites and help save time while ensuring that they feel comfortable before the event!

We hope you enjoyed this article! Bonus: We have dozens of helpful wedding planning articles that can help you, no matter what stage you’re at. Check them out here or below.