Why We Decided to Create the Ultimate Dream Wedding Venue

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A beautifully appointed wedding venue is just real estate without the right team.

Our Mountain House Estate owners John Alden and Lane Nittler are truly what makes our fantastic California wine country wedding venue so unique. And our clients see all of the personal attention, love, and details.

“It was love at first sight! From the absolute perfect and beautiful scenery to working with John and Lane. They made every part of this experience the best we could have ever imagined. They are responsive, friendly, always smiling, and willing to let you customize your wedding that suits your needs (which was a huge plus to us!). Mountain House Estate was the perfect venue to make our dream wedding come true!” – Sarah and Darren

Why Mountain House Estate?

John and Lane have lived in California wine country for quite a few years and found the current property and fell in love. Their primary purpose for purchasing the property was because there was a lovely house located on the property and it happened to have a permitted wedding venue. However, the venue portion of the property was never appropriately completed by the builder.

Lots of Thought And Hard Work

Lane says John is the mastermind behind the improvements made to Mountain House Estate. From the Oak Tree Terrace to the reconfiguration of the front pond and lawn areas and the beautiful, unique lighting in various areas; all Johns’s hard work.

Everything Old Is New

John and Lane have done an incredible job of making their venue a comfortable creation that reflects their interests and offers a nod to years gone by. The barn and garden at Oak Tree Terrace are great examples of this. The barn makes the perfect location for cocktails after your wedding ceremony.

The wood from the barn was taken from an old barn down in Walnut Creek and recreated by John. The hubcaps are a reflection of his love of cars, and it includes only brands that no longer exist, and there are several fairly rare hubcaps on the wall;  Terraplane, Hudson, Lincoln Zephyr, Wippet, Nash, and Rambler.

One groom saw that John didn’t have an Edsel, so for his wedding, he brought John an Edsel hubcap he purchased off eBay.  John got a wedding present on the groom’s wedding day!  Pretty cool.  Recently, another couple followed suit and brought him an American Motors hubcap.

Lane says her favorite part of her job is meeting the couples and learning about them as I take them on a tour of the property.  “I love their stories – how they met, the proposal and how they envision their wedding day.”

Call John and Lane at 707- 385-1410 to schedule a personal tour of Mountain House Estate and to see the love they have for the event venue they have created and for your upcoming wedding.