September 2019

Flexibility Is Key


In working to develop Mountain House Estate as the premier private estate for California wine country weddings, several things were key and needed to happen. We created a beautifully landscaped property designed to host one event at a time to ensure privacy and an intimate feel. But, we also created [...]

Flexibility Is Key2019-09-19T13:57:04-07:00

Beverages and Bars


For a large number of couples serving alcohol, from Signature Cocktails to Champagne toasts, can be a big part of their wedding celebration. With everyone’s safety in mind our Mountain House Estate team as implemented rules around the service and consumption of alcoholic beverages.     What are the rules [...]

Beverages and Bars2019-09-13T06:32:36-07:00
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Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After


From the first time we met Chelsea and Ryan, it was easy to see how in love they are and how much they love to laugh. The couple met in the San Francisco Bay Area, but recently moved to Dallas, Texas. Sonoma Wine Country has always held a special [...]

Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After2019-09-11T14:31:59-07:00

August 2019

Be My Baby


Lynne and Elliot are a mature couple who are truly beautiful inside and out. And our Mountain House Estate team loved working with them and especially seeing how much they are in love with each other. Lynne’s wedding dress was too, too sweet. A portion of her wedding gown under [...]

Be My Baby2019-08-29T12:54:47-07:00

Dancing Into The Night


Anna and Nikita are an absolutely gorgeous couple!  Their Mountain House Estate wedding was incredible. The colors, the flowers, the food... This San Francisco couple whose families are originally from the Ukraine and Russia, brought a wedding filled with tradition to their California wine country wedding. Nikita and the groomsmen [...]

Dancing Into The Night2019-08-16T08:24:53-07:00

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies


We have talked about Mountain House Estate wedding ceremonies at our incredible Oak Tree Terrace, but that is not the only location option available for an outdoor wedding ceremony.     Our incredible front lawn is a beautifully manicured space, surrounded by flower beds mature shade, and evergreen trees. In [...]

Beautiful Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies2019-08-14T11:44:50-07:00

Rustic Elegance


Earlier this year Sonia and Drew hosted their beautiful rustic California wine country wedding here at Mountain House Estate. Sonia spent her morning in the Oasis, relaxing and getting ready for her wedding day which began with the couple’s First Look.     The bride looked amazing in a long [...]

Rustic Elegance2019-08-01T13:19:41-07:00

July 2019

Food Truck Receptions


Food trucks have long since moved beyond the corner lunch truck found on college campuses and construction sites. These fully contained mobile kitchens continue to be extremely popular for weddings and events. What once were the homes of short-order cooks are now the domain of exceptionally talented chefs offering the [...]

Food Truck Receptions2019-07-30T11:55:02-07:00

Dollars and Cents


Mountain House Estate knows that events, especially weddings, are not inexpensive and the price can grow based on the number of guests invited and all the extras. As a wedding venue, we completely understand the dynamics of budgeting for events. In general, our wedding site fees are a great value. [...]

Dollars and Cents2019-07-19T08:36:02-07:00

Shed and Garden


Just over the ridge and a short walk from our Mountain House Estate Oak Tree Terrace ceremony venue, is a beautiful and tranquil garden space. Perfect for strolling cocktail receptions after you exchange your wedding vows. Our Garden and Shed venue is filled with vintage touches that add flair to [...]

Shed and Garden2019-07-19T05:39:30-07:00